need some answers and some opinions!

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  1. Okay. Here is my dilemma. I am on waitlist for the damier azur speedy 25. I cannot WAIT to get it. But I want something else. I was thinking of getting something else azur to match, maybe like some sort of wallet (KOALA!) or a cles, or maybe even the new white pastilles cles. Then I saw the new dune color for mini lin and fell in love.

    So. Since I am definitely buying my speedy, what other thing should I get? Should I get something to match my azur speedy? Does anyone know the true price for the new white pastilles? Is it going to be impossible to get?

    And a for the dune mini lin -- I am in LOVE with the bucket bag. But the price is sure to set me back, and I will have to save some more before I can purchase. I am under the impression that the line is going to be available for a year...are wait lists ridiculous for it? Is there any chance I can get it within a few months or will they be nowhere to be found?

    Thanks ;)
  2. I actually bought the azur pouchette while I was on the waiting list for my speedy 30. I was lucky to get my speedy December 1st. Hang in there. It is soooo worth it!
  3. Don't but something to substitute for something you want more just because it's LV.
  4. i was thinking a little something to clip outside of the bag, which is why i liked the idea of the pastilles ;)

  5. noooo, i just can't decide what i want, i'm not buying something to substitute for anything. and i was just asking questions to see if any of this stuff was actually in my reach.
  6. awh, no one else has any opinions or helpful advice?
  7. Mini Lin Dune is for one year and may not be permanent, it's also not a LE item either.
    Think you should get a Koala wallet if you don't have one. Otherwise the pochette is practical.
    Dune Bucket will be tdf...
  8. I'd probably try to get the Pastilles in white..I think it'll be around $250-$300-ish. Otherwise, get a wallet to match the Speedy.
    As for the mini lin, while it IS popular, I don't really think it'll be too hard to get ahold of the bucket. For one thing, elux has the mini lin right now and I understand they'll also have the Dune color as well. Plus, you wouldn't have to pay tax on it so you'll save that way, if you buy it from there.
  9. get a pochette :smile:

  10. ugh, i am just lusting over that bucket bag. i just talked to a rep from elux, she said she didn't know anything about it but i figured they'd have it. i might just wait for that. the bucket comes with the little mini pochette right? it looks like the brown was does...i assume the dune one will too? or is it extra?
  11. I think the Dune will have a rush of buyers, but it will cool down. It's a cute color and I can see it complimenting many summer outfits, but I am pretty sure it'll be there for you when you save up to get it :biggrin:
  12. I would try and hold out just a bit, I don't know about your store....but I hear they are going to start popping in any day.
  13. I'm Lucky to own speedy 25 :smile: ...there are too many waiting lists here too but Harrods didn't take any lists so when you pop in Harrods and find one you can pay and get it straight away.

    ** I think Mini lin is nice and I have one too. Dune color is perfect. Anyway, there is totally different from Azur ( From my thought )
  14. If they have the current color in mini lin in the bucket style, then I think they'll have it in the Dune as well. Also, the mini pochette comes with pretty much all the buckets so I'm sure the Dune will also come with one. :smile:
  15. i'm in love with that mini lin. after i get the speedy and if i buy the dune bucket, i will have a lot of spring bags -- (i have a white and gold dior bag too, beautiful) but i am in love with the light colored bags. i'm the type to use them all year round...i don't really care. haha.