Need some advice!

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  1. I am the kind of girl that buys bags constantly - some I return right away and others I realize I don't like after a week or two and sell them. I do this with lower-end brands though such as Coach, Cole Haan, MBMJ, etc.

    I love Marc Jacobs bags but technically I can't afford them. I am realizing though how much money I am losing with the constant buying/selling and I am never happy.

    So my question is, should I take the plunge and just buy an MJ that I LOVE and vow not to buy any bags for 6 months or so? It might be cheaper for me in the long run :P

    The bag I am obsessing over is the Paradise Little Janice in Dark Gray. It's the perfect size for me and I think the color will go with anything.

    Should I go for it??
  2. hey, long time no see! :P

    IMO...i think it would make a good investment to just get the MJ. then you can have a higher quality bag that will last you and keep you happy and from purchasing cheaper bags in the future.
    plus, i love anything Paradise and i think the Janice is super cute
  3. Yes go for it! Tis better to have 1 bag you love than 5 that you like. KWIM?
  4. ^I completely agree with Sneez! Get it! Thus the MJ addiction begins! :P
  5. Well since you admit to a bad habit of buying/returning/selling and you already have lost money doing so… I would seriously put money aside and start to save up for a bag. No more stalking ebay, no more impulse purchases… and save up. If in 6 months or so you are still crazy about the Janice (it is a seriously pretty bag), you can get it then!
  6. I agree!!
  7. definitely go for it!!!! i LOVE little janice
  8. i actually am in the same situation as you, i have been "clean" for 4-5 months already!
    go for it! the paradise line is lovely!
  9. Beautiful grey color, I think it's worth a shot. I buy/return/sell bags but the truth is I cannot pass them up on sale - But then I don't use them very much mainly because I have so many. It's a vicious cycle, if you can break it let me know. Like I said, worth a shot for a beautiful bag like you have selected.
  10. OP, I think I did the same thing for like a year or two with Coach (their return policy is AH-MAZING) or selling Rebecca Minkoffs as soon as I got them, I realized that I was just making excuses instead of buying what I really wanted - MJ collection bags! With a little patience and self-control, you can end up with bags that you truly love and appreciate. What also helps me is that I have to save up to afford a new/pre-loved bag, so I usually just scope out the new collections and wait for it to go on sale/on ebay, so that when I finally snag it at a sale price, I feel like I got a great deal!
  11. the sale starts tomorrow with an extra 20% off... i think it's a worthwhile investment because the style is still relatively new and i haven't seen any on ebay. the grey is gorgeous too.

    sell all the ones you aren't using now to invest for this larger purchase. it will be worth it!
  12. ^What sale are you referring to? At Bloomies or somewhere else?
  13. :lol: I :heart: TPF