Need some advice

  1. Dear all, I need some advice please~~ As you know, I've been looking for a fuchsia ostrich Birkin 30cm for a long time now. The waiting lists are closed and I hadn't been fortunate enough to walk in on one. So here's the situation ...

    There's one for sale on eBay for a pretty good deal. It's supposed to be brand new and everything but with eBay, you never know. I'm particular about my stuff being brand new and never used, so that's one of the things I'm really concerned about. The auction ends early Sunday.

    Now, the SA whom I ordered the croc Kelly from will not be back until the middle of next week. I've decided that if I can change my order to the Birkin, I would. The thing is, I don't know if that's doable and I won't know until next week, and by then the auction would've already ended.

    Furthermore, I was told by a DIFFERENT SA from a different location that Hermes did NOT offer fuchsia ostrich for purses in February and they don't know if they will offer it in July, so that can mean that it'll be a year before that leather can be available. Now my SA from my local boutique called about that and was told that fuchsia ostrich IS available. Due to conflicting info, I don't know who to believe.

    So in a nutshell, I want a fuchsia ostrich Birkin. I want to get it straight from Hermes because that's the only way I'll know it's brand new and authentic. However, I don't know if I can put an order in and that if I can, whether it will be available. The one chance for me to get it for sure right now is through the auction, but as I said I have some quirks and preference about my things.

    What should I do? Should I try for the auction, get the bag from there, still order from Hermes if it's available, and then sell the one from eBay when the one from Hermes come in? Advice please~~ TIA.:flowers:
  2. Hi Kou.....can you post the link to the eBay auction? Do you know the name of the seller? We can help you here for sure! Let's take a look at what you're looking at on eBay first and then we can talk about all the options....
  3. I never bought anything outside of Hermes store before. So, I don't know which seller is trustful or not. If you want vintage, you cannot get vintage from Hermes store, of course not. But if you are very serious about making sure BRAND NEW and authenic, contact boutique first. But is there a way you can make a deal with seller to hold it for you extra few days after auction ends to give you time to contact store if fushia ostrich is available or not? I am sorry I am not helpful I guess.^^
  4. It's always difficult to find a consistent answer with what color is going to be offered in the future. At my store, they always tell me that most of the time, they only find out in Feb/July which colors are going be offered when the managers go to Paris. It also always depends if the leather is available.

    If you are very particular about a bag being used or held by someone (especially in eBay) then maybe you'll have a better piece of mind ordering it directly from the shop. While you wait, you can also get another fabulous bag in another color (cyclamen, violette, violine or blues) in the meantime.
  5. This is the auction I'm looking at:

    I've spoken with the seller and she has sent me pictures of the receipt (from Paris) as well as the craftsman stamp (the craftsman turned out to be the SAME craftsman that made my Bolide). I know I sounded paranoid but I've had experience on eBay where I bought a Gucci purse from a seller that advertised as brand new. The plastic, wrappings, and everything are still on the purse when I received it but I knew it wasn't brand new because I noticed a very slight indentation in the interior of the purse (only happens if you've put stuff inside). But the thing is, most ppl won't notice stuff like that and i know people who use their purse with the plastic films and wrappings still in tact. Ever since that incident, I've been questioning the newness of everything I've seen on eBay.

    With Birkins, I've seen used Birkins with films still on hardware. I mean, I remove my plastic films when I start using a purse because I had been advised by my SA that if I leave the plastic film on the hardware, in the long run (due to temperature and such), the film may glue to the hardware or even melt onto it. However, I can totally see some ppl being super careful when they carry their purse to keep it in new condition. Anyways, I'm rambling ...

    I've actually called every boutique in North America and nobody could help me. I can't get onto the list and I don't have an AMEX card (just Mastercard) so charge-send is an issue. In a nutshell, I'm stuck.:hrmm:
  6. addicted - I agree with you. Kou, go with your gut feeling. We support you no matter what:heart:
  7. Don't worry about indentation kou. I bought a bag directly from boutique boutique. But there wa very slight indentation, inside, too. I guess sometime it happnes... Do you live in oversea or in US? Do you have any relatives or friends who can help you buying Birkins in US?
  8. I feel the same - if your gut says no way to e-bay, don't bother. However, you could buy, I think others had figured the seller to be good, and you could always sell at a later date. I am one who is NOT patient and HAVE bought from e-bay and been very happy - I'm easy lol! But you know YOU the best! Good luck with your decision...
  9. I do have relatives oversea, but they're in Taiwan and Singapore, which I've been told are even more difficult to acquire a Birkin. In addition, my families and friends will freak out and get on my case if they know about my Hermes hobby.

    My gut feeling is very mixed. I want it badly, the purse looks new (but i'll never know), and I don't know if I'll get on the waiting list. Also, if I get married within the next two years to this current SO, then I won't be able to buy Hermes for a while.

    Should I just get it now, and then sell it in a year if I manage to get one straight from the boutique? I figure an authentic 1-year-old Birkin in good condition can still sell for a very good price, right? I'm super careful with my things anyway.
  10. Now I want this Birkin - too bad I'm broke !

    One thing to consider when you are buying exotic skins, do they have the CITES certificate that is necessary when shipping internationally. I know because I once had an ostrich Birkin held up in the US Customs office for a week. Thank God I had a great ebay seller who took care of everything and my baby safely arrived - whew !
  11. You're right! I completely forgot to ask about the Certificate of Origin! All ostrich purse has to come with that.
  12. Kou....did you check to see if Lux-Wear, MightyKismet or Createuers Delux have this same bag? These are highly reputable dealers that I wouldn't hesitate to buy from. And, they will know exactly what to do with the Cert. of Origin....
  13. I did talk to the seller a few days ago. She is really nice and friendly. I am just indecisive since it's a lot of money to fork out over eBay ...