NEED SLIPS... Thanks!

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  1. Ladies...

    With all of the sheer dresses out these days I find myself needing a few slips... Does anyone know where I can find cute dainty ones online? I thought Cynthia Vincent made some but I'm having a heck of a time finding any... If anyone has brand and/or website recommendations it would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. I would love to know, too!
  3. Macy's if you live near one always carry a full stock on all kinds of slips.

    I need to start getting me some as well. They do come in handy
  4. I need slips too!
  5. Thanks villagegirl... Do you know of anyone that makes a loose fitting slip?
  6. Macy's, Nordies, Spanx, but I honestly love vintage slips the most. Ebay, goodwill, Salvation army are a great place to pic them up. Also Agent Provocateur. If I can think of more, I'll add them
  7. I need one too! I just got two dresses from J Crew and they are a bit sheer.
  8. JC Penny used to carry them on-line.
  9. I have had the hardest time finding slips that aren't $200 pure silk or skin tight spandex! The best place I've found is the Vanity Fair outlet :shame:

    They have all the basic colors (white, cream, black, blush, nude), in all different sizes and lengths, and they're all <$10! :tup:
  10. Yeah! I just want a simple black, white, and nude slip... but not tight spandex because it is to wear under loose sheer summer dresses (like the two attached)... Thanks clare!
    Dresses 02.jpg
  11. I also need slips... I'm thinking nude would be the best choice? I have no clue where to get them either.
  12. Oh Sears and JC Penney
  13. ;)Do you like those with ruffles for a peek-a-boo under sweater dresses?