NEED RECOMMENDATIONS on comfy, yet cute shoes for work!

  1. I work in retail part time, in a dept store. I am on my feet thru out my shift. The problem is, I thought flats would be comfy to wear...turns out flats have no support and my feet kill at the end of my shift. I need recommendations on shoes which have about 1 to 1 1/2 inch heels, arch support and cushioning, are flexible around the toe box and yet look cute. I'd LOVE and really appreciate some recommendations, as this is a problem that has to be solved if I don't wanna end up wth problems later...
  2. Try Geox or Cole haan nike air line
  3. I didnt care for the Cole Haan...after a couple of hours feet still hurt.
    No matter what if you work long hours your feet are going to hurt...Try to change your shoes every time you work, dont wear the same ones every day. It helps a lot
  4. have you ever looked into foot cushions for your favorite flats? Dr. Scholls has a line at CVS. they are gel padded and you can fit them in any shoe (or heel) they are super could run in any shoe.
  5. nice advice... it's right try to change your shoes every other day.. and try to choose one that your feet is comfortable..
  6. I have tried gel insoles by Dr. Scholls... my heels still hurt as flats have no support. :sad:

    Anyone else who thinks Cole Haans are the way to go?
  7. Aerosoles have really come out with some trendy looking footwear lately so I would check them out....I find them more comfortable than my Cole Haan's with the Nike Air.
  8. Sofft makes some really comfortable shoes. Many of them aren't terribly attractive, but there are a few styles that are cute. I have friends who work retail and swear by them for long days on their feet.
  9. My DH is a Podiatrist and he hates all sorts of dressy shoes... he tries to get me to wear New Balance tennies every single day. UH NO.

    He recommends anything by Taryn Rose if you are going to wear dressy shoes. They are really good and designed by a doctor.
  10. I'd like to know opinions on Clarks too... :smile:
  11. Taryn Rose, Clarks, Aerosoles, and Thierry Rabotin are the way to go. Clarks and Aerosoles are fairly affordable and none of these look like granny shoes :smile:
  12. How about the tory burch reva pumps? I live in those flats every day and the pumps have about 1-2" heel.
  13. Thanks for all these tips! I bought some Clarks yesterday and I admit although they aren't cute, they're comfortable. :push: I go for cute over comfy but when my feet hurt like hell, I gotta be fair to them.

    Now looking into Taryn Rose and Cole Haans!
  14. I used to work in a very fast paced retail store and I always wore flats. The best brand I've ever worn is Me Too. Unlike regular flats, they have very supportive cushioning at the bottom. You don't need insoles with them.
  15. Exactly how dressy is your store? My absolute favorite flats are my Sperry Topsiders (they are boat shoes..). They have arch support and are padded...SUPER comfortable. What about Birkenstocks? Is your store casual enough for a pair? I know they look like weirdo tourist hiking sandals but some of the clogs are cute.