Need recommendation for anti-aging

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  1. I'm 28 this year and I found I have some signs of aging. I'm very afraid I will look older than my age.

    My dad got a hugh bubble under his eyes and I tend to have them too :sad: .

    I always allergic to many anti-aging creams ( SKII, Clinique, Lamer, Elizabeth Arden, Vichy) although they are all stated for sensitive skins or dematological tested. They made my skin prones.

    Any suggestion? Thank you!:smile:
  2. i was thinking of asking almost the exact same thing...Im 22 tho and don't really have any sign of aging yet :sweatdrop:
    BUT i would love to stop or at least very much slow down the process!!
    right now im using dermalogica face wash stuff and their eye that enough??
  3. Huge bubble? Do you mean clogged pores or a sty?
    A facialist can remove these.

    Don't get tan, cover your face & your neck. Your neck & upper chest area is one of the first places that shows age.
    oops - Oprah is on!
  4. I use Arbonne RE9 anti-aging line and I love it.
  5. If your skin react to theses anti aging products maybe it´s bc the agents are too strong.....Try Avene. I never had any problem with it.
  6. I finally took the plunge and tried out the "Paula's Choice" stuff (She writes those "Don't Go to the Cosmetic's Counter Without Me" books). I wasn't crazy about her makeup, but her skin care stuff was nice and you can get samples for under a buck to try.

    But the antioxidant gels are AMAZING! The skin recovery stuff is moisturizing, while the skin balancing is great under foundations. I've gotten compliments all over the place. Highly recommended!!
  7. If you have had problems with products that are supposed to be for sensitive skin, maybe you should visit a dermatologist? And I am sure they can advise about puffy bags under the eyes.

    I know it's not a long term solution, but I've heard of putting ice cold wet teabags under the eyes to reduce puffiness. Also have heard of using Preparation H but that would be scary as it's not meant to be near the eyes.
  8. recently I've been using glycolic acid --40% -- once every few weeks, plus visible lift w/ active copper. These have worked nicely...but I'm planning a trip to the dermatologist soon for advice:smile:
  9. I agree that rule #1 is stay out of the sun! Rule #2 wash your face every night! Rule #3 drink lots of water and Rule #4 I personally think that as long as you are consistent with your skin care're on the right track! I use a ton of stuff but always an eye cream, a moisturizer of some sort (Day or night cream) with SPF and some kind of anti-wrinkle stuff. If it says "anti aging" I'm all over it!

    I am turning 42 in a few months and am a non-stop skin care freak. I slather so much stuff on my face each morning and night that I'm just hoping to keep my skin stays where it's supposed to be! But, I also have a great PS and totally believe in having a few adjustments here and there:yes: . And if all else fails I'm buying one of those hyperbaric chambers like Michael Jackson! haha:roflmfao:
  10. i agree that the arbonne stuff is amazing
  11. Have you heard of Aloette? It's aloe vera based, so perhaps it'll work for your sensitive skin. I've been using their products since September. I'm also 28...actually 28 and a half! When I turned 28, I was in Vegas and had my I.D. checked by someone who was the same age as me! They're quite pricey, but you can get it on ShopNBC, TSC,, or from a rep.
  12. Boots Refine & and it works. This is coming from a high end snob when it comes to m/u and facial products btw.
  13. Another break through brand is Revive....its won awards and is founded on science of helping burned victims...I love their eye cream and night renewel creme..

    Also there is Kinerase, which many ppl swear by...a good anti-aging line would be the makers of proactive, which is Rodan and Fields...their stuff is great too....
  14. Chanel - sublimage - lovin it - has done wonders for my crows feet
  15. I am very into this thread as being 29 and showing signs of aging ! Not definite wrinkles yet, but when smiling....
    and a loss of firmness, and panda eyes, well you know the deal.....
    I bought into Revive eye renewal -> had to get a friend to buy it for me, it´s good to be friends with travellers !
    Otherwise I have a sensitive skin, probably like yours, and I found that Avène, Dermalogica and Dr Hauschka are really good, as well as being recommended by dermatologists.
    I don´t know if you´re in Europe or US bc there is surely a difference in prices (Dermalogica super expensive in EU, while Avene and Dr Hauschka are cheap and easy to get)
    Before getting into strong things like glycolic acid, RetinA I would suggest to ask for dermatologist´s advice or you might burn your skin !