Need quick help on Felicie..

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  1. Hi all.. Please help me to choose on Pochette Felicie.. I am torn between Epi hot pink or DA..
    I have few Chanel WOC, all in solid color, so I want something different..
    My SA hold epi and DA for me, but only until tomorrow. So please help me to choose. Thank you.. [emoji4]
  2. The EPI one, very cute IRL and worry free
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  3. Im getting the epi tri color. Been holding off buying the felicie until they release an epi version and they got it right! I would have been torn between a rose ballerine and hot pink, now I get to have both!
  4. Which color r u going to get? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467551083.033227.jpg
  5. Still love the pink combo version!
  6. I love the pink too! Not easy to match my cloth but the pink credit card holder and he hot pink insert are tooooooo cute! And I don't really like the NEON insert and purple credit card holder
  7. I still can't make decision.. Help.... [emoji4]
  8. I like the pink combo
  9. I think I'm the only one that likes the DA one!
  10. [emoji173]️ Epi combo
  11. Epi. I actually love both but the Epi color combination just speaks to me.
  12. #12 Jul 3, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2016
    It's classic
  13. My hubby also like DA.. He never like DA bag but he suggested me to get DA on Felicie.. Still have few more hours to think.. Hmmmm..
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  14. I like the DA simply because you can wear it with anything, and it's very classic and light! Good luck and please share pics once you make your decision!
  15. Ok.. I bought it.. Will do reveal soon.. [emoji4]
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