Need Pomme Vernis- But Which One?

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  1. OK, "needing" a new LV is probably an overstatement, but in planning ahead for spending the good old tax refund, I am trying to decide on a new bag. I just received my Pomme agenda from elux (I live in the boonies, about 3 hours from a boutique or department store carrying LV) and am totally in love with the color. I have been wanting a patent bag since the beginning of 2007 but had other more practical things take priority.

    The two bags I am interested in, mostly because of their more unique shapes, are the Summit Drive and the Rosewood. I know that the capacity is different, but I can pare down pretty easily so that is not much of an issue. Then there is the shoulder vs. handheld issue, again, I am pretty flexible on that (I have more handheld bags thatn shoulder bags). I am looking for a handbag, and not something to hold work papers, etc. The price difference is huge, and my other concern is that, for someone who is fairly conservative in how she dresses, that the Summit might be a little too much patent red for my comfort level. I guess I am leaning towards the Rosewood for those two reasons, but am willing to listen to all opinions!!

    Personal description- 5'1," 120 lbs, 36 years, an attorney that works in a medium sized law firm in a small sized city in the Midwest (however our work environment is young, business casual, and not at all stuffy), I mostly wear trousers and cute tops/sweaters to work, jeans on the weekends, and suits only when I have to be in court (and this would not be the bag I would be taking there LOL).

    Thanks for your help!!
  2. My vote is for the Rosewood. I have one in pearl, and I think you'll be nicely surprised at just how much that bag can carry. It's very nicely shaped so you can fit a lot in there. And since you have a lot of handheld bags it's nice to have the shoulder option. If you don't want tons of red, it just might be the right amount of POP for you.
  3. I think the Bellevue GM or PM would be good.
  4. I have the Bellevue PM in pomme and you will get alot of attention with the bag. People seam to stair at it.
  5. Rosewood!!!!!! I just got one and I love it. I love the outside pocket. So convenient to hold a slim cell phone. It may look small but it really holds a lot. It is casual but not too casual.
  6. Summit Drive... what do you think about the sunset blv... so lovely .
  7. The only vernis bag I like is Reade PM. The bigger bag seems to be too much for me. With those like enamel color bag and the structure shapes look more cute in small not large. Anyway, this is just only me.
  8. I love pomme, it is definitely my favorite vernis color, but I know what you mean about not wanting TOO much red patent. So, I would stay away from the summit or the bellevue....gorgeous bags, but not if you want to be more understated. The rosewood seems like it would be a perfect happy medium bag for you. I also like the Houston because it's just a little bit taller than the rosewood, but I don't think it's really worth the extra ~ $600.
  9. The Summit Drive is very "bulky" - I have tried it last week at the store. I think the Rosewood in Pomme is very cute.
  10. I vote for Rosewood, I have it in amarante and I love it! I've seen it in Pomme and it's gorgeous! And for the price difference between that and the Summit Dr. ~ maybe you can buy a nice Pomme wallet/cles too:graucho:
  11. I would go with the Rosewood! I really love the Summit...but I like it better in the Perle and Amarante. In the Pomme, I think that the Rosewood is TDF!
  12. Rosewood!!!!
  13. Rosewood.
  14. Houston!!
  15. if it's a choice between the two, i'd vote for rosewood, but i personally preferthe roxbury drive in pomme (not just because i have it, i think it's the best vernis bag to me =P not to offend anyone).