need opinions

  1. hi, i'm megan and i am new to coach. i just bought my first bag friday. i need some input on which keyfob to put on my khaki/black carly. i've gone on eBay and looked, but i don't see any that i think match. thanks a bunch :smile:
  2. I think a brass initial charm would look PERFECT on a Carly!!
  3. I Megan! Welcome!!! You will love it here! Have you thought about the penguin keyfob?
    Or the Skull keyfob?
    Or how about the Star keyfob?
  4. welcome! :tup: I also just bought the khaki/black carly and the ones I was thinking about were the penguin, the owl, and the patent picture frame heart. A brass initial would also look good, I decided against it because on mine I thought the c's were enough. Good Luck!! :tup:
  5. Well, if it is khaki, you really could go with just about anything. But i would stay away from sometime that is all silver. Good luck. Post your pic of what you end up with.
  6. Yes I agree. I think that is why Coach came out with the inital charms in the brass because most of their stuff that is out now and the legacy stuff is all brass. I don't mix metals personally. If you could, I think an initial charm and a star together like the star hanging off the inital would look awesome. I have an inital charm and zodiac that way on one of my bags and it looks really cute.