Need opinions! Should I sell?

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  1. So I started out with a speedy b 30 in DA from the store. Returned it in about two days for the speed b 25 in da. Happy.
    Then I thought I wanted a classic speedy 30 and something in DE, so I got the classic 30 DE.
    Then I didn't think I could handle just hand carry so I returned and got the 25 Bandouliere in DE!
    Sold the 25 Bandouliere in DA after that because I never used it once I got DE!
    So now I'm carrying my DE 25 b and I love it, but I've been hand carrying it, oddly enough. The exact thing I didn't like with the classic!
    So I'm wondering, should I seller the 25b and get the classic 30?
    I would more than likely purchase this one preloved and possibly a vintage speedy 30 in mono with the rest.
    My only dilemma is the only other LV bag I have is the NF GM. I don't have a cross body except for the 25b.
    I was thinking to remedy this I could get a pochette with a long strap just if I needed it.

    Any opinions and thoughts are welcome!
  2. Depends on how much you carry in your bags. Do you really need to sell the 25B? Since you'll go the pre loved route for 30 (and there are some great deals from Japanese sellers, check out the LV Shopping thread for e-shop recommendations), why not just save up, keep 25B and get the 30?

    With the NF, classic 30, and 25B you'll end up with a nice versatile collection that can likely see a lot of use depending on occasion.
  3. I agree! Keep 25b and save for classic 30.
  4. I´d definitely keep the 25 B.
    I have the 30 DE and wish I had bought the 25B instead.

    It´s not easy to decide with all the great choices ;)
  5. Very true! I may just do that! I'm just impatient. It is so hard to choose. [emoji5]️
  6. +1
  7. So funny to see this! I'm completely on the opposite end! I have my speedy 30 In DE, love it but I really want a speedy b25! Ughh! I was thinking of selling my bag to purchase the speedy b25 but most of the comments are advising you to keep both. I guess that leaves me back at zero too 😫😩 lol.
  8. +1. I wouldn't sell your DE Speedy B, but rather add a Classic Speedy
  9. Yrp, keep 25b and save for sure! You "need" both [emoji6]
  10. I bought the DE 25b with the intention to sell the DE 30, now I can't sell, I'm still using both. I say get the classic 30 in monogram and the pochette with strap for variety and go from there, gld!

  11. Don't stress. It took me 3 years but I finally sold my classic mono 30 speedy and bought a mono speedy b 25 last year. No regrets! I use my speedy b so much more and the strap is fantastic. Now I plan to get a de speedy b 25 for fall.
  12. I didn't expect it to be such an overwhelming side of the spectrum! Thank you ladies!
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