Need Opinions on What Speedy to Bring to Colorado

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  1. Hi everyone. I'm going to Estes Park, Colorado tomorrow and I'm planning on bringing one of my speedies there. So any opinions on which one I should take: mono, damier, or red/silver epi? Thanks guys!! This board is the GREATEST and I love all of you!! :heart:
  2. Go with the damier
  3. Bring the Damier! It's so versatile and you won't have to worry about the vachetta handles getting dirty like the mono. Have a great trip! :biggrin:
  4. Damier
  5. I've been thinking of the Damier. I think that choice would be perfect. Thanks!!
  6. damier since not alot of people have it..outside this forum that is hehe
  7. Another vote for Damier!
  8. I say the mono and the red!!
  9. Damier!
  10. Damier!
  11. That is so right!! Ppl ask me "What IS that???" :blink:
  12. Damier!!
  13. Damier - you won't have to worry about the handles getting dirty.
  14. Damier!
  15. Damier.