Need opinions on the Passy GM please


Get the Passy GM & if so in which colour?

  1. Buy the Passy GM for sure?

  2. Don't buy it at all.

  3. Buy ivoire?

  4. Buy black?

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I thikn I have fallen in love with the Passy GM, who else loves it?
    Also which colour? i love the ivoire but would get more use from the black perhaps even though it is not as striking?
  2. i LOVE the passy gm. it's an amazing looking bag. i don't have it but everytime i'm at LV, i :drool: over it. i agree, the ivorie is stunning. the black is more understated but if maintenance and getting it dirty is a factor, then go for the black. i personally don't think the ivories require that much up-keep so you should feel comfortable in using it.
  3. Thanks Nakolulu, I am not great with light coloured bags get more use from dark I think but the ivoire is soooooooo nice.
  4. I voted for the ivoire.
  5. ivoire gets my vote.
  6. I have a Passy pm and of all my bags it is my favorite. If I had needed a larger bag for work I would have gone with the GM in black!
  7. Passy GM in black. Love this bag!
  8. I vote for the black...just because it is more practical....can be worn year round, day or evening!
  9. Thanks guys keep the opinions coming I am totally deadlocked here, I love them both.
  10. I have it in canelle, you can check out my pics in the epi club thread. What function do you want it for? If work or you want to carry a laptop, I'll say black. If for casual and you don't need to put a laptop, go for the pm, GM gets heavy after a while and the handles aren't as forgiving as the vachetta ones.
  11. The Passy GM is such an AMAZING bag, you need one! I'd get black because I personally find it more versatile and classy. I think you could wear it yearlong too with no problem.
  12. I voted for Ivorie! I don't own this beauty but have been contemplating it since I first saw it! :drool: Get it!!! :nuts: :tup:
  13. Thanks but I never buy small bags LOL
  14. I also debated which color to get (black or ivory) and ended up getting both! Black is probably more practical, though.
  15. I recently saw a lady with it in Black it is stunning, I'd say go for black partially because you had the ecru riveting and felt you'd use a black more it maybe the same issue here