need opinions about these shoes

  1. yay or nay? i'm worried they are just too much...too flashy!
    daisey2.jpg dianah2.jpg
  2. no way, wear the hell out of them! they are gorgy!!!!
  3. OMG.

    Those are the most gorgeous pairs of shoes I have ever seen made by Coach. I'm dead serious. The first pair is just too classy and the second pair is TDF!

    Definitely wear them!
    the first ones are elegant and will match with a lot and the gold ones are hottt.
  5. oh, no! they are so cute! :biggrin:
  6. they are marvelous darling, simply marvelous!
  7. I LOVE the first pair :drool:
  8. I love both. They may be uncomfortable to wear though but what fabulous shoe isn't? hehe. I saw those two shoes recently, don't remember where.
  9. I agree with others - the first pair is classy & the second is super hot :tup:
  10. Yeah to both.
  11. OMG!!:drool:Are you kidding?? Wear them!! They are GORGEOUS!! TDF SHOES!
  12. wowza!! those are both gorgeous!! i want them!
  13. LOVE:heart:LOVE:heart:LOVE:heart:!!!!!!!

    I am a Coach shoe freak & I think those are both TDF!!!:love:
  14. Keep both of them... they're fabulous!!
  15. Yay for both