Need NM advise about how to deal with a situation!!!

  1. Ok...many threads ago you all heard about the drama with the bruges from NM and how the SA was rude and bla bla bla. Since then the manager has been great. Well she ordered the shoe for me and said someone would call me when they came in. A week an half later, no call so I called her. She apologized and track the shoe and found out in never got sent for what reason she does not know. So last Saturday she ordered another shoe for me for a NM super close. She said it should only take a couple of days and reassured me someone would call me when they came in. Well it's Friday and no I called and the manager is out of town. I spoke with a wonderful girl who told me they were in and told me they came in on Wed. Well she also said that she has told the first SA several times about the shoe and he has not come to get them nor has he contacted me. I'm so over it by now. She told me would tell the SA to call and pretty much fuss him out for not doing so earlier. So the SA just called me and told that one of the shoes that got send is messed up a bit too. Ladies, I need your this a sign and I need to let it go and not get the shoe. After 3 pairs and all 3 are messed up...should I take my $770 and get something else? I need total honesty. P.S. NM does not discount anything so I could take any pair I want and pay full price for a product that is not perfect. HELP!!!!:wtf:
  2. Can you mix and match the shoes and make your own perfect pair? Assuming all 3 pairs are still available? Can you buy the shoe somewhere else?
    I hate shopping at NM in Atlanta. SA at shoes would check on shoe sizes for me and never call me back. I would have to track her down. Don't get me started about the handbags and the lingerie dept.

  3. Maybe you and I should start out own support group because I could go on and on about the handbag department...especially the Chanel section. Of coarse I would need a stiff cocktail in order to have this conversation. Well mix and match...already thought of that...all the LEFT shoes are messed up. So that won't work. No one else sells the shoe but them and apparently there are not many left. Shoot me. So back to the original questions....leave it alone or slowing kill myself trying to get another pair. I'm almost sure this is a sign that I need to let it go. It should never be this hard. What do you think?:sad:
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  5. TXA - I say move on. I think that even if you get a perfect pair at this point, you will be so frustrated with all the BS that you had to deal with that you won't love them as much.
    I say wait for a pair that make your heart skip a beat...and hopefully you will find them somewhere besides NM.
    I have never been to a NM store before, but BG (which is owned by NM) has excellent customer service so this is very interesting to hear that so many have had bad experiences.
  6. I'm thinking your right. The longer this drags out...I've started to become bla about the shoes. The excitement and joy are it's like you said BS. I really love those bruges, they are simple and would look great with so many things but I don't want to look at them and think...lord that was a hassle and a half. Now it's getting cold in the mountains so I'm looking forward to wearing leather boots. I guess I'll just wait like you said until I find another pair that make me want to stalk them.:yes: For the time being I need to find something else to oogle over. Got any suggestions?:graucho:
  7. Does anyone else sell them? What about Bergdorf's?
  8. You know...that's a really good question. I never thought to call them. Has anyone see the Bruges, 100mm black kid leather with black wood heel?
  9. NM in beverly hills, CA or Newport Beach, CA still has them
  10. I've been to other Neiman's, this shoe and handbag dept. in Atlanta is especially awful. Sorry about your shoe problem, I know how frustrating that can be. I usually get my CL's from either Saks or Jeffrey's in Atlanta. Since I don't live in Atlanta, SA at Jeffrey's sends me shoes about once a week in my size for me to review before purchasing. Yes, Chanel at NM's is the worst. Everytime when I do have to return a handbag, it would take my SA over 2 weeks to do the return for no particular. What is up with that??!!
    Anwway, back to shoes. I say let it go. Sounds like the excitement is gone. I'm sure you'll find another TDF pair sooner than later!!:p
  11. Let it go.

    It's a silly shoe, and life will go on without it. I think if you were meant to have it you would not have encountered the strife that you have.

    It's not worth expending this much time and energy over. Perspective.
  12. i say let it go too.....wish you the best in finding it elsewhere
  13. Thanks ladies...even my husband said it's not ment to be so now he's got me all excited about other things that I could get. I think I just need to stay away from NM and stick with my Saks where I always have the best experince and never have these problems. Have a great one and I'll update you on what it is I replaced the CL's for.