Need input of ladies who own City/Giant City/or First

  1. Hello,

    Thanks to the member who posted dimensions and prices of all Balenciaga bag styles.

    However, I have begun to narrow down my choices of which bag to purchase. I am looking for an everyday black bag that will last me for years to come. I am a college student and work part time at a clothing store so I am fairly casual most of the time. I originally was set on the giant city, but now I am leaning more towards the First (Le Dix) bag in black that I fell in love with several years ago. What do you all think of the giant hardware? I normally love huge hardware but I also do love the subtleness of the classic bags. I am also considering just the classic city bag. Any input is appreciated. BTW does the le dix come with a strap?
  2. The First is $995 and only comes with regular hardware (RH)

    City w/RH $1195
    City w/GSH or GGH $1595

    Both the First & City come with shoulder straps. I personally own a First, City w/RH and City w/GGH and think the best one to start out with is a City since it is large enough for everyday use. IMO the First is a bit small and not practical if you carry a lot of stuff. Hope this helps a little.
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  4. im not a fan of GIANT hardware so i would say No to that.
    i use city for school at it is my fav size.
    ledix (first) does come w strap.
  5. Well, the first is my absolute favorite bal style of all time. I LOVE the way it looks, it's so light and easy to carry, and my black first is my favorite bag out of all my bals. I get a little shiver every time I pull it out.

    That being said, the first is a bit small for most ladies, and although I don't carry a ton with me, I do downsize a bit when I switch to my first. Still, it carries all my essentials. If you carry a lot with you, then the city is probably a better size- I definitely prefer regular over giant hardware. My city bag is my least favorite to use, because I find it awkward. But I think I'm in the minority when it comes to that particular opinion.
  6. I recommend the City and I am partial to the new Giant hardware. But the RH is great too, so if you are looking for more light and casual go with RH, if you want more dressy, substantial, then go with Giant.
  7. IMO, the First is too small for everyday, unless you're the type who don't carry a lot of stuff, and it's perfect for day to evening. The City is a nice size for everyday. The RH City is definitely lighter than the GH City because of the hardware. If you like a dressier look for everyday, I say go with GH City, but if you carry a lot of stuff in your handbag, I suggest going with the RH.
  8. City would be a great size. Work or play. i Prefer my GH to be on Part Time and Work only. So city with r/h is the BEST!
  9. i love my Violet First, but I don't carry much- wallet,cell phone, lip gloss, keys, ipod-shuffle. If I know I will want a water bottle and a book or magazine, then I use my Black City. I haven't gotten a Giant Hardware Bag yet- I love the look, but a bit heavy for me to carry.
    Good Luck and let us know what you decide:yes:
  10. the First style is my first love too altho i've yet to own one. since you intend to use it for school and part-time work, it really may be too small..? but i won't know what your habits are. i suggest you refer to this thread to see how much the First and City can hold.

    some girls seem to be able to put quite a fair number of essentials into their Firsts.
  11. Thanks to all for responding!! Your input really helped me to make the decision. I have decided on the RH black city. I think the GH is just too much "bling" for me, as I wear kind of a lot of jewelry, and I have decided I just want a simpler more understated bag. As much as I love the first I am a "big bag" girl at heart and I think it will be to small for me. It might be a purchase I make in the future in a fun color, for evening, because as I said in my first post it is a bag I have admired for years. ;)
  12. I think black city with regular hardware would be great for u and yup it comes with a shoulder strap :smile:
  13. Excellent choice, a black city. You will not be disappointed.

    (YAY, my 1000th post!!!)
  14. Couldn't agree with you more. I have a black city RH '07 and it's such a perfect everyday bag for me. :tup:
  15. Me too. I got my Black City RH fairly recently and I can take my hands or eyes off it. It looks great with jeans but you can dress if up too.