Need ideas and advice

  1. Oh, I really cannot believe I caught the Chanel bug. For years now, I didn't really take a second look and then now, I found the TPF and caught the bug.

    Over the past month, I bought The Ultimate Soft, Red Expandable Tote, Beige Expandable Flap, Pocket in the City N/S, and Black Baby Cabas. I think I could have purchased a new car with the cost of all those bags (yes, I'll post pictures!)

    So, I think I *need* one more bag before the price increase. Heck, the prices are increasing every 6 months, it's crazy - the Baby Cabas was $1795 3 months ago and now it's $1995. Please help me decide, because it will REALLY be my LAST Chanel this year. My kid does need a college education.

    I'm thinking:
    1) Diamond Stitch Tote (because it's so usable and the least expensive of the bunch)
    2) Brown Expandable Tote (because the brown and leather is so gorgeous)
    3) Brown Expandable Flap, (same as above, exept it closes!)
    4) Khaki Baby Cabas (the color is breathtaking and the style is gorgeous)

    A little bit about my lifestyle. We have a 2 year old, we eat out a lot, it rains A LOT where I live (Seattle), I do walk a little bit in the rain - mostly getting from my car to the restaurant or mall, etc. I would like an everyday bag but not sure I can stomach using a Chanel for an everyday bag the way I abuse my "everyday bags".

    Thanks in advance!
  2. The baby cabas is definitely a bag that can be abused (with limitations of course).

    You already have one though, and you already have two expandables, so I'd definitely go with the diamond stitch!!!

    Do post pics of your hot new collection. :yes:
  3. I'll go with the diamond stitch too for variety. :tup:

    Let us know what you end up getting!
  4. I agree with the others who have posted so far....Diamond Stitch Tote.

    I live in a rainy climate too (Edinburgh) and have a toddler, so can relate;). I find I use my tote (luxe ligne tote) a lot, and it holds up really well for everyday use.

    Look forward to seeing your collection:smile:
  5. oooh you have been a busy gal!!!

    Cannot wait to see your piccies, I would go for something different to what you have already :smile:
  6. You already have the 2 expendables and the cabas. I go for the diamond stitch - but the bigger version box tote. This way, you're not duplicating any of your styles.
  7. another one for diamond stich.. you're one busy gal..

    and Welcome to the dark side of shopping addiction... Mwahahahahahaha
  8. just my two cents, I love love love the khaki baby cabas!
  9. Thank you so much for all your ideas!

    I think the decision will come down to the wire. It's so hard!

    Technically, I won't receive 1/2 of my total damages, uh, I mean, packages, until Saks EGC night. I just can't turn away free money (the gift cards) just for waiting a few weeks.

    I will absolutely post pictures. Sigh...they are all so gorgeous.
  10. i have a diamond stitch and a cabas, and i think diamond stitch rocks! it's so so so roomy even for the small tote. i would suggest you get a black/brown large tote, it'd be alot more fab as an everyday bag besides the cabas of course ;)