need hot jeans for my bachelorette party

  1. advice! i've never bought nice/luxury jeans before and wanna look extra hot for my bachelorette party. i'm 5'7, 112 lbs, with an unfortunate flat asian butt :hrmm: . i like jeans that are low cut, slim fit, with boot cut or very very slight flare. med-dark wash. any suggestions and where to find?
  2. Hi there gingerB! I'm 5'4, 100 lbs, and have that same asian butt problem going on, so we probably more or less could be about the same size (except that of course you're like 3 inches taller than I am ;)) And after a lot of trial and errors with jeans -- another obssesion of mine... I have like 20 pairs! lol -- I would either recommend Blue Cult (makes your behind look pretty good!), Disel (they have this style called rame which I find pretty form flattering) or if you can afford to spend a little bit more True Religion. The Joey super T with the contrasting white stiching looks amazing!
    Hope this helps a bit! ;)

    Oh, and if you don't have time to shop at a physical store you can always check out or -- I think bluefly had a pretty decent stock of diesels and blue cults on sale!!!
  3. my faves are Seven for all mankind, True Religion, and Paige! all of them are flattering IMO! :biggrin:
  4. blue cult or paper denim and cloth.
  5. I'm also on a hunt for great jeans. My suggestion is True Religion Joey.
  6. I think True Religion is best for your body type.
  7. Are you going out for your Bachelorette Party? Like to a club or Vegas? If you haven't thought of this yet--go get a candy necklace. The stretchy kind with little candy "beads." Then sell the beads off the necklace to guys. But they can only use their mouth to get the candy off. I know it sounds kinda gross, but since the necklace stretches, they don't have to slober on you.

    But here's the thing! You can charge "younger" guys about $5/candy and $10 or $20 for "older" guys--this works really well in Vegas. Anyways, my friend did this in Vegas. She only sold about 25% of her necklace cause we got distracted by other things. BUT she made about $200! We should have been more aggressive or spent more time selling :P
  8. I'm 5'4" and 100 lbs, Asian and I :heart: True Religions!!

    If those are too pricey, I'd go for Sevens. Just make sure that the pockets have details and are set higher up to give the illusion of a 'butt' :P

    The best 'butt jeans' are those that have back pockets with flaps on them! Good luck! :biggrin:
  9. Here's a link to a great pair of True Religion Joeys that seem to match your description

    I love shopping here for True Religions because they have free shipping for orders over $100 and they ship super duper fast. Also, if you scour the net for promo codes, you can even get discounts! I bought my pair of True Religions from for only $146 shipped! :biggrin:
  10. thanks! keep the suggestions coming! so far based on what ya'll have suggested, I like

    true religion Bobby Stretch in Dark Pony Express


    True Religion Joey Stretch in Dark Pony Express

    seeing as how i've never tried TR jeans before, where can i go to figure out if it i like em and what size i need?

    my girls rented out a suite for us in a swanky hotel and we're having a lingerie shower there, then we're headed out to the clubs afterwards. i'l def keep the candy necklace in mind...sounds like a good way to get some pocket money for more bags!
  11. (newbie jumping in here :shame: )
    Yep, I totally agree. Go w/ the TR Jeans. I love them. Every time I wear them I get comments. The other day, in fact, my husband and I were out w/ another couple and the husband said, "Your right Jen, she does have the a$$ of a 16 year old". I don't, but in those jeans it looks like I do!
    For your bachelorette party, I'd really splash out and get these:
    I have them and they are incredible.
  12. Hi Ginger! I love jeans. I think if you want a butt, you can't miss with the True Religion Joeys because of their back pocket flaps. They look best on skinny people (IMO) because the legs are cut very slim, but sounds like they'd be perfect for you.

    I also like the pockets on Paige Premium Denim. I think the "V" on the pockets lift your behind!

    My all-time favorites are Seven for all Mankind. I don't know, maybe they're out of style now but that doesn't make me want to stop wearing them! Skip the traditional squiggle and go for the Flynt style!
  13. I've heard Paige does wonders for flat butts. My friend just got some (laurel canyon and hollywood hills fit), and she said they did indeed lift and mold :amuse: .
    I need to get some myself cause I have the same issue.
  14. ^^ I have the first two pictured here and the third in many other different colors. I definitely recommend one of them!