need help

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  1. okay so a few days ago i got my first chanel...a black modern chain tote...well today i was making some phone calls and discovered that the chanel store in nyc had a black lady braid...i'm not sure which bag to keep...i'm having the black lady braid shipped. i wish i could keep both...which one would you guys keep??
  2. Sorry I can't help. I have the black MC tote but that Lady Braid in black is TDF. Somebody posted pics a few days ago and I'm still loving it!!
  3. do you use it frequently??
  4. which Lady Braid bag?
  5. do you think i'd get more use out of the lady braid or the mc tote?
  6. :confused1:
  7. ^

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. stop it! :lol:
  9. ^^

    I can't. I'm really trying. :yes: :noggin:
  10. Which one would break your heart if you had to return it? Don't you love one just a bit more than the other? Does size matter?
  11. i just wanted a quilted bag but i'm not sure if the handles are too much on the ladybraid...and with the modern chain i feel like it's so's just a tough decision
  12. size always matters Jayne ;)

    :lol: I'm sooooo sorry!:shame: someone HAD to say it!

    Seriously though, which Lady Braid?
  13. you are totally right size does matter :smile:
    the lady braid satchel
  14. Maybe you can post pics of the bags, the one you already have you can take a pic now and the one coming you can take a pic later and then we can help you decide.
  15. I would get the Lady Braid. I just sent my MC Large Black Tote back. It was just too big and too heavy. A beautiful bag no doubt, but it was going to be bundlesome.