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  1. I rang up selfridges and they said they have a navy blue twiggy ,from which season is this and what should be number inside the tag ,is it a new color ??/ even the price is less compared to the regular twiggys ,i am baffled have to wait till saturday to see it
    can someone help
  2. The official name of the Cornflower from Pre S/S of 06 is navy. So perhaps that is what they are referring to? The Twiggy does not have the metallic tag inside, so there is no number. There was also a navy in 05 Fall. The only way to be sure would be to ask them what the paper tag says. That will give you the year and season!

    It would be exciting to find an 05 Navy Twiggy : ) The Cornflower is a wonderful blue though, so you would do well with either!

    I wish you well,

  3. maybe a ink or blueberry? You should ask if it is for this collection or the last one. Sorry I am not helping that much:confused1: .
    Ink color (I think letter Y) is for the last season and blueberry for this one (letter W).
  4. Selfridges (London) have a blueberry twiggy, I know as I nearly bought it. Instead, I got the Cornflower box - this was last week. Hope that helps!
  5. how much was it was the same price as regular twiggys that is 635
  6. I was at selfridges last week and the only blue they had was the dark blue that people are calling blueberry. I think the french name for the blue is Bleu Roi.
  7. I am not sure as I didn't get to the till! The Box was £549 if that helps at all.
  8. was the box also from selfridges,she said it was 559 and it was like ink
  9. Yes, my box was from Selfridges and it is cornflower, not ink. They have a whole bunch of bags under the display cabinets from earlier this year and the SA serving me had pretended that what was on display was all they had until I made him open the cupboards up for me :yes: . I didn't see anything in ink. My box was definitely £549 - just checked my statement.
  10. how do u know which year the twiggy is by looking at the tag??????