Need HELP!!!!

  1. Hi!
    I'm in a special situation where I have to get a bag by the end of the month for myself as part of an order from my in-laws. My budget is around $2,000. I've been looking at bags for the past three weeks, but haven't seen anything that jumped out at me. I hate shopping with time-constraints. Where were they when there were plenty of bags out that I liked?!! Do you have any suggestions?
    I guess I'm looking for more of the calm colors, black or different shades of brown. I want a medium sized, everyday fun bag.

    Thank you so much!!!
  2. I recommend the one I just bought of course!
    Ack, it's a little more than you are spending I think {mid $2Ks}
  3. They're buying you a $2000 bag? How absolutely wonderful.

    I know it can be torture trying to choose, though. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about bags in that price range to help. :sad:

    Let us know what you get, ok? :biggrin: I hope whatever it is, you love it.
  4. The Chanel bags are great and the Fendi Spy of course!
    Are you going conservative or trendy?
  5. I guess I'm on the more conservative side.
    I was looking at the Spy bags, but couldn't decide which one. I haven't seen any in person, so I don't know how big it'd look on me...
    Of course, having a husband doesn't really help with important decisions like this!

    Thank you so much again!!
  6. oooh- you need to go to! It has a ton of great brands! (Vuitton, Fendi, Dior, etc) You'll probably find something you like. I'd also check out,, and Hope that helps!
  7. You could get 2 balenciagas with this a first and a city or a twiggy if you are looking for a fun and conservative bag. A black city would may be match your criteria.
  8. That is a VERY swanky bag! Chanel:love:

    Sounds like you could get a great LV or Gucci for $2K -- maybe a nice Chanel too.
  9. What about a Chocolate YSL Muse?
  10. I was about to suggest this as well. =) Muse is absolutely beautiful in Chocolate Brown (look very closed to Black). It's a roomy bag that can be dressed up/down. Muse comes in several sizes: Small, Medium ($1095), Large ($1195), Oversize ($1295). Medium & Large have longer handles (can be worn on the shoulder).

    Chanel Luxury Line medium black metallic bowler is nice as well.
  11. ^^I agree with all the info above - except I wanted to add I have the oversized version and it fits over my shoulder no problems (and i'm no shrimp!)
  12. I would go with either Balenciaga or Chanel (my 2 fav). You could get one of each right now though since Chanel is having a sale...Balenciaga is more of a fun style while Chanel is of course more classic.
  13. I definitely agree with ValleyObsessed in that you should head over to for a look. You might also want to try the typical Neiman's, Saks, and Bergdorf's to get an idea too.

    Good luck! You have very nice in-laws.