Need help with opinions on signature medium ergos or leeathers, Anyone have them?

  1. I was looking for something lightweight that I could wear without worry and I tried on the ergo signature medium belted ergo. It was quite nice but I have heard some girls think the belt makes it busy and takes away from the signature design and the hardware could be heavy when filled. I need as light as possible. Does anyone have it or the leather belted hobo's in tobacco or plum? I wish they would put leather on the bottom to protect the signature. . I do not carry much to require anything other than a medium bag. I do think it is a very classy bag but I did find the slim flap hardwware on the legacy signature heavy on my shoulder and I love that bag. I saw a girl with a Hamptons book tote from last year that is very big and they still have it in Jax, but with with two handles and they tend to be heavy and one usually falls down. I loved that bag last year on other girls, but do find that bag huge for my essentials and I am debating since I have credits if I want that signature ergo or a brown in medium leather in tobacco or plum . Opinions appreciated. Cross body is also one of my favorites and I simply love the bag Tlloveshim has in the ergo hippie with the scarf..but gone. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. .
  2. hehe, i posted about a chocolate sig hobo :smile: I have been looking at ergo hobos for awhile because of my little ergo wristlet...the shaping of ergo makes them lightweight but unexpectedly roomy, so you feel like you are carrying around something small enough and light enough, but you have plenty of room for your stuff and won't be overcramming your bag with essentials.

    For me, I decided I am already going to get it, I am just trying to figure what color!!!!
  3. I say go for the signature medium Ergo! The belted one is a bit busy and the hardware might make it a tad heavier. Leather will always be heavier than the signature fabric. It sounds like your main concern is weight. You want something simple and as light and comfortable as possible....Ergo sig hobo all the way! oh, wanted to add.....even though the bottom isn't all leather, it does have leather on the corners which is where a bag shows wear and tear the most. :tup: BUY IT!
  4. I LOVE the chocolate brown sig on this bag!!! :heart::heart::heart: Where is Mommyville when you need her?! LOL...she just bought this exact bag in chocolate sig and can't say enough about it! She LOVES hers...:yes:
  5. HAHAHAHA HERE I AM!!!!!!!!!!! LOL YES, I absolutely ADORE my chocolate signature ERGO HOBO!!!! Lynn: w/ your back problems, I PROMISE you that you will NOT feel this bag AT ALL....EVER....even after FIVE hour of shopping thru a crowded mall w/ 2 kids in tow and this bag ON YOUR SHOULDER the entire time, you will NOT know she is there!!!! As for leather on the bottom....she has leather on her CORNERS to protect her in the areas that need the protection!! She is made VERY well, and I see this bag lasting a VERY long time....or at least til the spring/summer Ergo colors come out and you want to put her away for a few months!!!!! She fits VERY nicely on your shoulder w/ a coat as well! It is starting to get chilly here in NY, so a coat has been needed! I TOTALLY recommend this bag to YOU!!!!! PLEASE check out my thread that I bumped up for someone else to see pics of my beauty! Keep us posted if you buy her!!!! BUY HER!!!!! :yes: You will NOT be disappointed!!!!
  6. I vote for the leather belted ergo. I really want it! Ive tried it on and its not very heavy. But then again my mom has a signature (non-belted) ergo in the smaller size in chocolate and loves it! Its something I never really would have picked up and tried on but she did and when I saw it on her I was like WOW. Even though it looks small it can really hold a LOT of stuff.
  7. I just put my medium leather belted ergo in plum away for a while to use my new Leigh, but it's an awesome bag! So pretty, very lightweight, fits all my stuff - I think its beautiful. The signature in this style is nice, but I think the belted leather a classier-looking bag.