Need help with doggy ummm... smell issue

  1. Ok, I am no novice to dogs, I was VP of a purebreed rescue organization for 8+ years and used to show American Cockers for 10 years. However, we recently got a Golden Retriever. For some unknown reason her fav place to sleep is under my computer chair and guess what.... she sleeps and farts. These are not just normal farts either.... first off they are loud, second off.. this is a smell like I have never ever encountered in my life I go through cans of Febreeze weekly. I feed her GREAT dog food, no junk etc etc. When we got her we noticed her bowel movements stunk so bad that something had to be wrong, so we spent almost $500.00 to hear them say "nope, her intestional tract is fine." Ok, so what gives... what can I do. Guys, these are so bad I gag sometimes and have puked from the smell. As I type this now there is probably a greeen haze hovering over me. Is this a breed specific thing? I have had many sporting group dogs, just never a Golden. My pugs and Mastiff don't have this problem....

    If anyone knows anything, please help.. it's really gross. She even tries to sit under the dinner table (to see if anyone drops any food) and passes gas and it's so bad you have to quit eating... OMG, she just did it again and I am gagging (I am NOT joking).
  2. My old shep had a similar issue as he aged. IMO it deals with the digestive tract working slightly differently as they age... perhaps some sort of microbial culture would assist with the issue..?? Check out a few homeopathic sites, or visit one if you are lucky enough to have one in your area... I always read Animal Wellness mag which has a great homeo Q&A section.

    We ended up just living with it and vacating the room when it became too unbearable (with Lorax's sad eyes following us, hurt that we were leaving him, but not caring enough to follow, lol).

    Best of luck!!
  3. Oh, I tried the homemade dog food, the dog food at the homopatheic (sp?) store and every other brand recommended over the past 10 months. When we first brought her home, I swore it was either parvo or coccidi due to the smell that is associated with it. That started the vet visits. Then after it continued we did a full inspection of digestional tract and intestional tract.. nothing found. We had an English Bulldog once w/ a smiliar issue however this is even worse than those. I have no clue what's left to do but, with holidays coming up, I am really dreading having ppl over and that smell hitting them.
  4. Yikes! what an unpleasant problem. I was going to guess food, then read your last post. Is it possible the dog is getting into something? Maybe no treats for awhile to see if that's what's causing it? Also, does your dog seem nervous? My girl farts when she's nervous. It's usually loud and unbelievably stinky. I know it's grasp at straws, but it sounds like the far flung guesses may be what you need since you've already tried the obvious. Good luck!
  5. Nope, not nervous... she will be just laying flat out and her back snoring to beat all and the WHOMP... let's it loose. Then the smell of 20 day old trash hits.
  6. I just had an interesting thought. You know you had mentioned that you're feeding her great dog food. No doubt - I'm sure you are - I do the same too - I think we use like Nutro Ultra, or something like. No problemo BUT...there actually may be something in that PARTICULAR food that she's allergic too. You might never find out WHAT specifically, and I know it's not a good idea to switch foods around all over the place because that can cause them digestive problems as well, but perhaps visit the local pet food store and really look around. There might be some dog foods specific to being tender on sensitive tummies. Or her tummy might be just's just that particular dog food. Hey guys, let's be honest - beans, and brocolli and all that wonderful healthy foods that we eat are sooo good for us - but UGH. Doggies can be the same too.
    What do you think??? :shrugs::yes::heart:
  7. Tried it, I am sad to say. Even tried something the vet prescribed. As I said, I did rescue for 8-10 years including showing dogs. I have seen and had some nasty stuff at my house. But, never ever a fart smell like this dog has... I mean, I know they are not supposed to smell like roses.. but geez... and the actual bowel movement smell will send you running down the road. There is honestly not much I have not tried.
  8. Wowza - darlin' I doin't know what to tell ya!! Last cling to hope for me would be a visit to a Homeopathic Vet. I feel for you and your Holiday guests for sure! Perhaps talk to a vet and inquire about Bean-o and other human anti-gas items..?

    Again, all the best!!!
  9. Go to I think they have something that is like a beano for pets that helps with the odor of their stools/gas.

    Hope this helps.

  10. I don't think you mentioned the age of your dog but it sounded like a relatively new dog and therefore young?
    My old german shepherd suffers from typical age related gas. But I will say its always worse if she manages to sneak food from my puppy's dish. Puppy food has a much higher fat content than "senior formula's", which are higher in fiber.
    Assuming your retriever isnt sneaking another dogs food, (like mine) could the fat content of what you are feeding her be a little more than she is able to digest? Maybe she just has a sensitive stomach and the "younger formula" dog foods don't suit her.
    Good luck! I hope you are able to resolve this!