need help with coach sunglasses.

  1. Hi ladies

    As an Aussie girl madly in love with Coach :heart: , I am forced to buy of eBay (small shudder) if I have any hope of getting what i want.

    My collection is small but I love it:yahoo: (am at work at the moment but will post pics tonight)

    I am however ready to move on to my next conquest which is a pair of sunglasses, my curent CK's are going to die any day now and the Coach store in Sydney has barely any sunglasses and they couldn't really tell me much about them either (bummer):sad:

    I know that sunglasses are a very personal thing but I thought I would ask you lovely coach ladies which styles your are wearing at the moment and what are your faves. Pics of you wearing them would be most apreciated, but if you dont feel comfortable doing that its totally ok.

    heres hoping I can get my coach sunnies soon.:yes:

    hugs from an aussie chick!!

  2. I have the Alicia's, Samantha's, and the Peonys. My favorites are the Alicia's (more larger frame) and the Sams look cute on most everyone. If you go to you can search for the glasses that would look best on your face shape...I go by that and their recommendations are accurate IMO.
  3. I like the Samanthas, the Mollys and the ones with the butterfly on the side from last year...I can't recall the name at the moment. I thought I had a pic with those on, but they are Oliver Peoples in the pic. I find that the Coach sunnies fit a bit better than the OPs...more snug, less "slippy."
  4. Here are my Peony sunglasses. I just posted these pictures yesterday over in the "April purchases" thread but am happy to post them again. I love them! They're very comfortable. I love the flowers on the inside of the arms, and I love the cute little cleaning cloth they came with. It has signature Cs on it! So adorable.

  5. I have the Keri sunglasses and really like them. I hate the picture of me in them, so I don't wanna post it again! I need to get a better pic.
    I know, lately, some of the girls have purchased the peonys and really like them. I think you can find pics ijn April purchases.
    Good luck finding just the right pair!
  6. :p thanks girls they all sound fabulous..

    oohhhh those peony's are gorgeous :heart: and they look so cute on you Sialia looks like they are going to the top of my list..

    I will keep trawling eBay for my perfect pair!!

  7. These are my Sofias that I bought during this past PCE. LOVE them!


  8. I have the Lexi's and they are super comfortable. They also provide excellent protection from the light.
  9. The ones with the Butterfly are Suzies. I ordered it in Feb. and absolutely love them! However they aren't on the website anymore but I did see them in a Coach store.
  10. I have the tortie Eva's, which I love. They are comfortable and have a medium sized frame.
    But, I so want the new Belle's, they have an interchangeable bezel. I think that's why they are a bit pricey $248.
    The frames are very large but they look good on lots of faces! :supacool: They're added to my growing wish list!

    Good Luck to you and post pix when you get your new sunglasses!
  11. I love my Peonys! I got Samanthas first but they didn't look good on me. I have the weirdest face I guess. =(
  12. Talia's in Gold...


    Sarah's in black...


    Patricia's in black ...


    I also have the Susie's in Tort. can't find pictures of them right now the frames are kinda bent out of whack...think I sat on them or something...

    Chelsea's in Tortious...actually ended up returning these...felt too small for my face...


    (of course - I have a pair of Chanel's that I LIVE in too...I own WAY too many pairs of sunglasses!)
  13. I just bought the Keri's in white. Here's a picture of me in them.

  14. I love the eva's they are medium size Have them in brown and black. Also have the chelsea's in brown and black they are smaller. I had the coach sarah and the samantha but they looked big on me. My daughter loves them :O) Im thinking of getting the Keri's next loved the post of someone wearing the white I think I want them in black.
  15. Absolutely love my Suzies in burgandy - they're big without making me look like an insect since I have a smallish face! I don't have any pics available, sorry!