Need help with an LV selection, time sensitive!

Jun 6, 2007
If you like the overall style look at the Monogram Olympe. You can search on this forum or Google.

As I recall, these bags were around $6000 US because of all the exotic materials; the Olympe is similar in idea.
Yes I did see this bag in the window actually, and ask my bf what he thought since i liked it quite a bit and gave me a definite "no likey"' so that kind of eliminated it from the go. I actually liked this one and the Eden, but he liked the more "girly" or feminine ones I guess you can say, like from the Vernis, Empreinte and Mahina. He always says the choice is ultimately up to me and I can choose whichever one I love the most, but I have a hard time loving something that he does not:smile:

And that price tag is quite a killer, making me reconsider.


Dec 29, 2012
I carry mine almost every day. I have had it fly off my passenger seat in my car into the dash and onto the floor, I set it on the ground at the pool, I am known to be hard on my bags - I use them thats what they are for! I was in the Nordstroms Chanel store today and the sales associate said it was absolutely beautiful and asked if it was new. I have had it over a year, she said she couldn't believe how gorgeous and brand new it looked. I also have the Tapage bag charm hanging off it and I was warned it might over time wear on it. So far, I see absolutely no wear from it. I have no scratches, and yes I suppose there are some fingerprints but they easily wipe away and are not at all noticeable unless staring right at it in bright lights. The only thing I have noticed is a slight creasing at the bottom corners of the bag (if you search used ones I have seen it on others), probably from weight, and that where I slide the buckle the gold is slightly scuffed (very minor only I notice this). Really I love this bag even more than I imagined and I am having trouble right now trying to find a new bag because I can't find anything I will want to carry nearly as much as this one. I have even considered just buying another one in your color because I can't find anything I like better!


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Jan 14, 2009
Where the wild things are
I would keep the Melrose. Amarante is a gorgeous color. I am sorry but the bag in the picture is hideous. It looks like they took the left over odds and ends and just threw them together. It will look dated in a few seasons, while the Melrose is so classy. :drool: You could be carrying that years from now and people would still be complimenting you.


May 10, 2012
Northern California
Keep the Melrose- it's classy and sophisticated and you won't ever regret buying it. Plus it goes beautifully with your shoes! The other bag looks busy and not very attractive in my opinion.
Jun 6, 2007
Hello everyone! I just want to thank everyone for your help with the decision. I tried on my purse with my shoes in the morning and the look was just *killer*. Even my boyfriend was drooling. The Melrose is just gorgeous. I popped into the store to have a final look at the other bag, and I had decided that I would only consider the other bag in the small size in the burgundy color. Well as it turns out, they only had the small size in the green color in stock. The bigger size was too big, it was too beach bag.

So that was that! I left knowing that I had made the right decision. I'm back home and luckily my purse and shoes survived in my luggage without damage:smile: