Need help - what color is this First?

  1. It's olive because it's too dark for truffle. Congrats!
  2. It looks truffle to me... >_<" i must be color blind!
  3. Honestly I can't tell, it could be both.
    I've seen both IRL but they do vary a lot from one bag to another, some truffe bags are really dark
    I was thinking about a truffe day and received this pic:
  4. catcat did you get that truffle day? it's beautiful!..

    anyways that color is quite dark just like the ebay item... i'm confused!
  5. I think it is Truffle first is quite dark like this one but then my Twiggy in Truffle is a bit lighter. Truffle seems to vary a bit between bags :yes:
    Perhaps post pics when it arrives and then we will be able to tell for sure :flowers:
  6. Since when is the white Balenciaga card printed horizontally instead of vertically?

    Just trying to educate myself here.....btw, looks kinda like truffle to me too...
  7. Thanks girls. I am still confused about this color. I can't wait to get the bag and see the color in real life! I too have noticed that some Truffle colors are more of a rich chocolate color - like my First. Hmmm interesting...I'll post pics asap, kitegirl xo

  8. Anybody know about this?
  9. It doesn't look like what's pictured is the hangtag that's supposed to be printed vertically. The card in the photo doesn't have a hole in it, so it may be something else.