Need Help understanding this DATE CODE

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  1. Anyone with DATE CODE Wisdom...can you please help me with this date code on my Noe. It is 871 FC. I'm trying to figure out how old it is.

    Your insight is much appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. I think it's vintage piece from 80's produced in jan 87
  3. I thought july of 81?
  4. Hmmmm, I thought the first 2 numbers represent the year and the third number is the month..
  5. thanks ladies...I thought 80's..but wasn't sure.

    Do you know when they started putting d rings into the noe? This bag does not have one.
  6. Bags is correct. January 1987. First two are year and third (and sometimes fourth if applicable) were month on the vintage 1980's LV.
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