Need help tracking down Chanel retailers

  1. This isn't really handbag related but I thought you ladies could help.

    I am looking for a Chanel coat from the Fall RTW collection. I called a Chanel boutique and had them check their system. The color/size I need is not available at any boutiques in the USA.

    I know that some NM stores have Chanel as well as Nordstrom. Can you ladies tell me where else I should look? (I've already checked Nordstrom Seattle as well)

    I am also going to contact a friend in France and see if the coat can be tracked down there. Since their spring stuff is coming in, time is of the essence...

    Thanks everyone in advance for your help! :heart:
  2. Bloomingdales, Saks, and Bergdorf Goodman also sell Chanel clothing. Hope that helps! Chanel's 1800 number can only check actual boutiques, not the department stores. So....there is still hope that your coat may be out there. Best of luck! Dont' forget to post pictures when it arrives!
  3. The Dallas NM's carry Chanel, specifically the Downtown {flagship store} and the Shops at WIllowbend.
  4. Update.........

    I got the coat. :wtf: However, it needs some "adjustments" so we'll see how those go, I go back in for a fitting on Tuesday.
  5. Congratulations! Where did you find it? Any pictures for us to drool over?
  6. Thanks! Here's a photo taken with my camera phone- not really a great pic. The coat looks like NOTHING on the hanger but is really stunning on.

  7. UPDATE: Just made it in for my fitting today (have been recovering from a sinus infection)- the coat looks sooooooo fantastic. Just a few minor adjustments (waist needs to be nipped in a bit) and I'll be good to go. I'm sooo in love with this coat! :heart:
  8. congrats on your beautiful coat.
  9. Please post pictures when you finally get it. I'd love to see it worn.
  10. Oh cool Roo!! I'm so glad you found it and bought it!

    PLEASE post a pic when it's tailored and ready to wear!
  11. Here ya go Swankadelic! I :heart: it sooo much! :yahoo:


  12. The fabric looks so soft!
  13. I was told it is a type of boiled wool and cashmere. It's quite thin but very warm.
  14. o i remember seeing the coat in Singapore. it's absolutely to DIE FOR! :love::love::love:

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! CONGRATS!!!!!!!
  15. It's gorgeous Roo!!!!

    Don't you love being able to conquer the chase when you're pursuing something!?