Need help!!!Take it or WAIT!

  1. I always want a Lux Bowler in black goat leather, but the only thing available is patent leather in either black or blue. :crybaby: Should I just take it? How do you like the patent leather bowler? Blue or black?:confused1:
  2. I would look for the black leather one if you are not totally sure on the patent. I don't think patent is as wearable as regular leather. Have you tried the Chanel 800 number? They helped me find bags before.
  3. I tried the patent yesterday and did not like it at all. Its stiff and not as body hugging as the leather. NM Boston has the coral color in leather as of yesterday if you are interested. Its on sale for 1500.
  4. Thanks, seffibp & pinkcrazy.
  5. I'd say black.
  6. I'd go for black also. But I personally find patent hard to maintain, compared to just normal leather.
  7. Thanks, iqaganda & jen2586.
    Is patent leather really hard to maintain?
  8. I say never settle for anything less than what you love, otherwise you would not enjoy it as much.
  9. I hate to keep saying it to people but I had such a good experience by calling the Chanel 800 number that I'm going to say it one more time.... have you tried to call Chanel directly and asked them to search for your bag?? They might be able to locate one for you, all you need is the style code.
  10. steffibp,
    I will definitely try the Chanel 800 number. Thanks.
  11. Perhaps it's because I am not super-careful (although not careless either) with bags, but I find that I can often scratch patent so that it loses its shine, or cause many creases in the patent leather that looks obvious. I find it is easy to accidently mark. But as some people say, that can enhance the "character" of the bag, and it also depends on how often you will be using the bag. I just think normal leather is easier to manage all round - can always use leather cream, and I love the smooshiness of natural leather. But I do agree that patent can look really beautiful also!! :smile:

  12. Me too, I totally agree. I only buy things I love, and wouldn't settle for 2nd best either. If I bought 2nd best, I'd always feel a little dissatisfied about not getting the best?

  13. Chanel's patent leather on the luxury ligne is a textured, "crackled" patent. It doesn't mark or show fingerprints. I have it in black in the tote style. A smooth patent is difficult to maintain and I would never buy it for that reason. But the crackled patent is super durable!