Need help! Should i Sell my cambon tote?

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  1. I need help!! Should I sell my cambon tote? I was thinking of selling it and buy a medium classic flap? What do you guys think? thanks in advance.
  2. What's the color and size of it?

    For me I'd love to have both bags but go with your heart lol If you really want the other bag then sell. If you don't, just keep thinking lol
  3. Cambon is very hard to find nowadays. So I'd say keep.
  4. I agree esp. since cambon ligne is being discontinued and maybe it will be worth even more in a few years time?
  5. oh no!!!!!!!!! will they be discontinuing Cambons that soon? I really want to get the Ballet flats.
  6. x
  7. I would keep it ... I would hate to sell off any of my Chanel bags! I have the bowler and the medium tote from this line and I still think that they're gorgeous (BTW I bought them in 2004 when they first came out). I know that some people don't like the Cambon line but I still think it's fresh looking. Especially now that it's being discontinued, I think that you might regret it later;)
  8. yea, I tend to agree w/ the previous posters here. If the line is d/c'd, then def keep it. You know the medium will always be around (regardless of price hike:cursing:) and you can always get that later.

    Buyer's remorse is one of the worst feelings and you might wind up regretting it.
  9. I would say keep it, coz it's discontinued.
  10. The cambon flats I dont think will ever be coming out again. Tthere are a few that came out in UK this week and have already nearly all sold out. I spoke to the SA and she said that was it-they are NEVER getting them again:crybaby:
  11. classic flap > cambon tote any day!
  12. I would definitely keep it for now. The price hike on the classic flap isn't supposed to happen for at least a few more months, if at all, so why don't you decide then.
  13. i just sold my black with patent cc's cambon tote..i got a black gst with s/h to replace it ! i wanted something more of a classic that i can see myself wear in ten years.....if you really want the classic..sell it!!
  14. I'd keep the's discontinued. I love the Cambon line so much, I just bought another medium tote, black with black patent CC's a few months ago.
  15. Its the medium tote in beige with black CC.