Need help selecting a winter satchel

  1. I will post pics of three that I like a lot. I really like the Yves Saint Laurent Muse (not oversized-just large). I also like two of Marc Jacob's bags. The Bleecker Satchel and the Mia. I am really looking for a black bag that I'll be able to use forever. Something classic and timeless.

    I was looking on BG site but they don't give measurements for each bag. They also don't show any pics of the inside, bottom or back of the bags.

    So, it would be helpful if you own it to post pics of yours. I would love to know what you like and dislike about these bags. Thanks for looking.:yes:

    Yves Saint Laurent Muse


    MJ Bleeker Satchel


    MJ Mia

  2. I like the MJ Bleeker the most, then the Muse!
  3. I don't have any of these bags so I can't post pics for you. I do like the Muse the best though. If you are looking for a classic black bag have you considered a Ferragamo Marissa? It can be carried as a satchel or on the shoulder. It really is a classic beauty. As far as MJ goes my favorite bag is the Blake. It's gorgeous in black. I have two myself. They can be carried as a satchel or on the shoulder as well. Let us know what you decide to get.
  4. Thanks pippop and kat.

    Kat, where did you get your Ferragamo? I only had a chance to look on BG site and didn't see any. I'm interested in checking it out.

    I did check out the Blake and that is nice too. I'm going to check the MJ forum to see if there are any measurements and pics of it.
  5. I bought mine at NM in White Plains, NY. They usually have a nice selection. If you look in my handbag showcase there are pics of the Marissa and Blake in there. It's under "Kat's handbag collection."
  6. Hmm... IMHO, The Muse first, then the Mia :yes:
  7. Thanks Kat and Audrey. I appreciate it.