Need help rationalizing...toiletry 26 or epi pochette

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  1. I know, I picked the wrong sisterhood for help rationalizing when it comes to LV. But, I need help. I recently purchased the Toiletry 26 because I just had to have it forever. In my mind it was going to be used in my large bags and do double duty as a clutch on occasion. Well, it's not really going to work for my bags. So.....I'm dying to get the piment epi pochette to travel with this summer. Of course, I'll want the long strap too.

    I can't let myself have both bags if I am not going to use the toiletry bag. But....geez. Help me, please!
  2. I prefer the pochette.
  3. I thought the same thing about using the Toiletry 26....worked in theory but not in real life back it went. Get the pochette.
  4. I have the Toiletry 19 which fits perfectly into any bag and I could still use it as a clutch. I find the 26 big, more like a portfolio than a clutch. I think the Toiletry 19 is roomier than the pochette.
  5. I vote epi pochette for versatility :smile: the toiletry 26 is great but if it's not fitting your needs then go with the pochette. Good luck
  6. it's beautiful
    and that's all i'm gonna say!
  7. Epi, the toiletry 26 is to big for me
  8. go for the TP 26 i have it and love it and use it in all my large bags, i havent used it on its own yet but 26 all the way
  9. I think you should keep the TP 26. I bought one last year to use specifically as a clutch, and I absolutely love it. I think it looks so chic and elegant; it can be dressed up or down. I usually take mine out when I'm not in the mood to lug around a big bag, and it works perfectly.

    I have also used it as a diaper clutch (LOL) for my daughter, and put it in my speedy 35 (when I wasn't in the mood to lug around a diaper bag). But I honestly think it's a little awkward due to the size, and I'm actually thinking about getting the TP 19 and designating it specifically for my bags. So I do agree with you about the 26 not working well in bags, although I would think it would work well in large/travel bags.

    Overall, I think the TP 26 is so classic and versatile; you can find an assortment of uses. But if your heart is really set on the epi pochette, then I guess you know what you have to do! ;)

    Good luck, and let us know what you ultimately decide! :flowers: