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  1. Could you all look at my post in Authenticate This for me. I have a lady offering me a Rose Legacy at a great price but I need to make sure her things are authentic since she has been upfront and told me she has a paypal claim against her because someone said the purse she bought is fake. The lady promises that her bags aren't fake but I need to feel sure.
  2. I can't see eBay from work so I can't help with authenticating.

    But I did see a mention of outlet. Which rose bag is it?
    the flap or shoulder bag?

    I picked up 2 flaps from the outlet in CA 2 weeks ago because the price was ridiculously cheap.
  3. It's the Shoulder Bag......the Rose Legacy Shoulder bag. The lady is so nice. She told me she goes to the outlet all the time and the people there all know her by name. She also said the person who is accusing her of having a fake emailed her with the accusation at 10:30 this morning but that UPS doesn't show delivering the bag until after 12:00. Wonder if it's buyers remorse?

  4. actually nevermind.. that one isn't nwt.. it's used..
  5. I'm watching that one =)
Thread Status:
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