Need help put together an outfit for black tie event in mid October!!TIA

  1. I need help on getting an outfit including dress, shose and purse for a black tie event in mid October. I always like the bright, colorful and sexy evening wear but my date think I should keep it down a bit.

    I am thinking lamb skin Chanel on the purse but didn't want to spent a lot on the dress.
    Can anyone help?

  2. What's your budget for the dress and shoes?
  3. And what color is the purse?
  4. I am thinking about a black mini flap w/ gold hardware. But if I see a good dress with other color then I may change the color of the purse.
  5. The Notte by Marchesa dress that pchans is considering and just love it!!! But I don't know if I want to spent that much on the dress since I can't really wear it after this event. Anyone know other designer has similiar dress?
  6. Hi Claire! I would love to help- but I think we need more background on your event and what type of crowd will be at the black tie event. Will it be an older crowd (warranting conservative dress), will it be mixed? Is it a fundraiser or wedding?
  7. It's a R&D award night at a ballroom. I am going as a guest with my bf. I don't have much information on people's age but I believe people would need at least in their mid/late 20s or above to get this award. At least the other people in my b.f.'s team are in their 30-40s.
  8. I still have no idea on the budget~
    Because if I find something I like that can last me a while then I would invest. But I haven't find the dress that I have to have!
  9. Hi Claire

    For a black-tie event, you can probably go daring with a long, jewel-toned gown

    Metallic is an on-trend thing:

    I've seen some people rocking the little black dress at these things. And if you're young enough, I think you could definitely get away with it:

    For the safest bet, and if you want to blend in, you can't go wrong with a full length black gown (that way you can let your bling and your bag shine). (this one is on sale for $88!!!)

    Hope these give you some ideas :rolleyes:
  10. sorry i was a dork and posted this twice. my computer sucks :sad:
  11. wow the BV and Cavalli gowns are TDF!!
  12. Me personally, I would rock a women's tuxedo with the Jewelry hardware to make it pop, hair slicked back in a bun if long red lips, and a pointy toe pump.
  13. I got the new navy vera wang dress from the NM Trunk show!
  14. Hi,

    I think that leather could also suit for the black tie as now winter is also upcoming. This will keep you warm and comfortable so why not to have alook over the leather clothes at