Need help please! I think I got fake twiggy!

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  1. My sister bought this twiggy yesterday from someone she knows.When I saw the bag,I feel weird about it.There'r only 2 cards come with extra tassels.The dusty look soooo white! Her friend said the bag is 07 pre spring.I need help from u girls to authenticate this bag for me please.Thank u so much!
    DSC00903.jpg DSC00904.jpg DSC00905.jpg DSC00906.jpg DSC00907.jpg
  2. more
    DSC00908.jpg DSC00909.jpg DSC00910.jpg DSC00911.jpg DSC00912.jpg
  3. Please help me.Thank u!
    DSC00913.jpg DSC00915.jpg
  4. Sorry, this needs to be posted in the Authenticate This Balenciaga thread. Thank you!
  5. Hi Chalintorn,

    There is an authtentic thread in the Bal Shopping subform: you should post this there for best resonse.

    I''ll close this thread accordingly :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.