Need help picking a Sabrina

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  1. I just purchased the large patent Sabrina with brass hardware, but I'm also loving the the large leather Sabrina with brass hardware. I've read the reviews regarding the patent Sabrina, and some aren't so favorable. Also, I was really hoping the hardware on the patent Sabrina would be lighter in color - more of a goldish. The hardware on the large Sabrina looks a little more goldish. I guess I'm having second thoughts on the patent leather. Which do you think is nicer? I've attached a picture of both.

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  2. Since when does the patent sabrina come with brass hardware? Wasn't it amber, almost like black?
  3. The hardware on both purses is described as "brass." The regular leather Sabrina's hardware appears to be lighter than the patent leather. I don't know why...but it really bugs me that they are different in color.
  4. Here are two more pictures of the patent leather Sabrina. The "brass" hardware looks darker than the brass hardware on the (regular) leather Sabrina.

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  5. The regular leather Sabrina is a much brighter brass compared to the patent...
  6. but that's not brass, thats amber hardware last time i asked the SA. It's really dark and not shiny as the gold. that must be a typo on the coach website, bkz that's not brass for sure :smile: i spent hours with sa's and research regarding my black patents, and i had several... ??? or did they come up with something new i don't know about????

    I personally prefer the dark hardware better, it's more rare and dosen't come across often. One thing I didn't like with my patent sabrina was that her handles always kinda "sticked" when i was trying to wear her as shoulder bag and put the handles down. The regular leather seems more comfortable. But for the looks I like the patent better.
  7. Those pics look like they are the "gunmetal" (black) hardware and not the brass.
  8. I was looking at the patent/brass bag IRL last week and it can best be described at blackened copper. That is really what it looked like to me. So, real copper will tarnish green.....but think of the color of old pennies that turn black instead. It is just a blackened penny color. It is a gorgeous bag.
  9. Regardless of the hardware, I'm not a huge fan of patent and prefer the regular leather. I live in extreme summer heat and patent just sticks to my skin. It's a gorgeous bag though.
  10. Thank you to all who replied. I decided to stick with the patent Sabrina!