Need help picking a gift

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  1. I'm thinking of picking up omething from Coach as a thank you gift for my doctor. Her style of dress is classic with a touch of trendy, so she is pretty 'with it' in terms of being fashionable. If it helps, she generally wears Cartier jewelry.

    My budget is $60 or under. Do you think I should give her a wristlet (any specific suggestions?), a scarf (although I think sigs/patterns are difficult to pick for someone else), mini skinny or a keyfob?
  2. That is cute! Unfortunately my appointment for next month got moved up to tomorrow eek! I have 2 hrs to find a gift so I figured I'll hit the mall with a Coach store. And maybe pick up a wristlet for myself... ;)
  3. Go with a scarf, and include a gift receipt.
  4. I'm a little old fashioned, I would vote a scarf. They have a gorgeous fall scarf on the website right now that is 68, I know its a little over your budget but the online pics make it look so elegant! I am going to check it out myself this weekend if my boutique has it *fingers crossed* its called the VARIEGATED STRIPED OBLONG SCARF:heart:

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  5. I also think a scarf would be perfect (w/ gift receipt)!!
  6. I would go with a scarf too. Good luck on such short notice.