Need Help - Page 93 of Le Monde 2006 Vol II

  1. Has anyone actually seen the tie worn by the male model on Page 93? I have been asking my local H store intermittently and my SAs have not seen it in any of the shipments. And each time, they would say "not here yet".:sad:

    I really want to get it for my DH. I need help locating one. :crybaby:
  2. S I have to go to the SF store sometime this week to pick up a Lil Something and I'll ask there. Do you want it in those exact colors in the book?
  3. and what might THIS other item be, hmmm? enough with the bloody hints already!
  4. LOL, DQ.......just a gold Heart Cadena! Nothing big.....and I kinda want to take a look at that Chocolate/Berries scarf GF bought. And I think they had one last week......

  5. Thanks, D! The colour in the book looks greyish-black, and yes in that exact colour. I dare not ask for other colours without looking at them first, KWIM? This tie is not on either, so I am wondering what's with it??
  6. Well, I'll give the 800# a little call in the morning and see what they say.....let's see if we can find this baby.....