Need help on Moisturizers

  1. I really need you ladies help,
    I've been using Biotherm Aquasource with SPF 15 & Chanel Hydramax Precision gel. I think I need to try something else, cause both are too drying for my skin.

    I find that the Clinique extra mild facial soap bar very good for my face. Do you girls think that I should try Clinique moisturizer? I've been hearing a lot of pros in clinique moisturizer.

    What's the difference between moisture surge extra moisturizer (thirsty skin relief) and dramatically different moisturizing product in either gel or lotion?
    which product should I choose?

    My skin is somewhat dry in cheek & chin and oily in T-zone. also, You can give me other brand ideas. but please don't suggest La Mer and other high-end product.. the price range is too expensive for a student like me :push: I could afford not more than 50 bucks. Thanks in advance, ladies :smile:
  2. I have more or less similar skin, and have been using Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. Works quite well, and one of those big 125ml bottles will last more than 6 months.

    The gel is better than the lotion if you have combination skin.

    The moisture surge extra I have never used, so I wouldn't know. But you can go to the Clinique website, where they determine your skin type and recommend products.
  3. clinique makes some pretty good moisturizers - that is, if your skin is okay with silicones. they lead to break outs for some people (like me). try the DDMGel first, which i find to be more moisturizing than the moisture surge extra. either one could work for you, though. if neither of these are moisturizing enough, there are other options out there, that's for sure! even clinique's moisture on call is very good stuff.
  4. I had no luck with any of the clinique moisturizers unfortunately. Everyone of them broke me out very bad within a couple days. However my mom swears by their moisturizers - shes in her mid 50's and theres not a single wrinkle on her face and she used the Dramatically Different Lotion/Creme depending on the season.
  5. Thanks girls for the helpful advice

    I'm now looking at clinique website, they have free shipping offer for order more than 55 bucks. yay! :wlae:

    I'll try the smaller tube for the gel first. but another problem comes, i found out that the Dramatically different moisturizing gel doesn't contain SPF. well, of course i need a sun-screen.. so should i buy the super defense triple moisturizer or just buy a moisturizer (DDMG) and sunscreen(city block) separately?
    I'm really a newbie about clinique.. and I'm just too lazy to go to the store, also afraid cause they often offer (marketing way) me to buy other items that I don't really need. hehe..
    also the store tends suggesting me to use the MILD soap which is bad for my skin, i found the extra mild one is very good though. it's really confusing..
    i don't really know my skin type. i use the website for determine my skin type, it comes out that mine is skin type II, once again they suggest me the MILD one for soap. so it's very confusing.. >_<

    also, what do you girls think about the skin renewer? is it good?

    I'm 20 years old btw
  6. if the extra mild soap is working for you, keep using it! don't worry about what their skin type thingy says. it just offers recommendations. i personally would use a separate moisturizer and sunscreen, so you can use the moisturizer at night, too. the superdefense spf moisturizers aren't photostable (the sunscreen ingredients quickly degrade in sunlight), but their city block sunscreens are much better, especially the ones with physical sunscreen ingredients (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide). for reviews on all these products, you can always visit tons of women have posted their reviews, and they might be helpful to you. good luck!
  7. OK, I'll buy the moisturizers and sunblock separately. :yes: and I'll visit makeupalley soon before checking out. Lots of thanks of the very helpful advice!
  8. one more question, i found out that extra mild soap is for skin type I, so they suggest me to buy the DDM in lotion.. which one should i buy then? the gel or lotion? :confused1:
  9. I would have said the lotion if you have dry skin - I thought the gel was for oily skin.

    I don't want to confuse you again but have you tried Clarins Gentle Day Cream? Its for Sensitive skin but I think its great. Any Clarins place should be happy to give you a sample of it.
  10. I end up buying the smaller version of DDM in gel and gettting a free sample for the lotion. plus the moisture surge. (i didnt buy clinique sunscreen,.. the review in makeupalley is not really good..)

    I'll keep in mind for the Clarins gentle day cream! do clarins have good sunscreen? I'll def. go to clarins in my next time Nordstrom visit :heart:

    Thank you for your lovely advice, ladies.. :heart::heart:
  11. I stay away from Clinique moisturizers as they have lanolin in them, as do many other products I also stay away from.
  12. I have been using the La Mer gel moisturizer and I really like it.