need help in choosing size (city or hobo)

  1. A couple of weeks ago, I got my first Bbag (an Ink first) and love it!!!! But I'm beginning to feel that it's a little too small for me to use as an everyday bag. Right now I carry my first and a small diaper bag when I go out with my sons. I would like to just carry one bag.

    What would you recommend that I get for an everyday bag? In addition, to my wallet, cellphone and keys, I would also need to fit in a couple of diapers, diaper wipes, a small tube of vaseline, a small bottle of water and a snack container. Sometimes I may also need to bring a change of clothes for my toddler.

    I was thinking that maybe I should get a city or a hobo. Which one can fit all the things that I need and not look too stuffed? Which one sits better on the shoulder? Which one can I still use as an everyday bag after my "baby days" are over?

    Thanks in advance for all your helpful advice.:smile:
  2. my hobo holds everything- i'm a college student and have to carry around books and equipment not to mention all the normal girl stuff. it holds everything and never looks weird!
  3. Based on all that you have to carry, I'd go with the hobo. I was testing them out a few weeks back and can't wait to get one myself. They hold a ton, but also look great when not fully loaded. The strap seems super-comfy too. I think it's a great everyday bag that would be perfect for your needs!
  4. Hmm I think both will look good half empty/full and still be great bags after your "baby days" However I would personally pick the city. I think the rectangular shape will be easier- at least for me it would be- to keep organized rather than a hobo where everything kind of gets dumped inside. Because I'm sure with your little ones in your hands the last thing you (and they) want you to be doing is digging through your purse to find their munchies/toys/etc!! lol ;)
  5. mocean / valerieb - Thanks for your input. I'm actually leaning towards getting a hobo, because it will be quite different from the other bags that I already have.

    jdy234 - You have a good point, I do like to be orgainized!

    Maybe I just need to get both? lol....
  6. yes both both both :yes: !! they do serve different purposes for me. i use my hobo for the weekends or outtings where i need to bring extra clothes, etc. i use my city for weekdays when i go to work and it sure holds a lot too. i guess it depends on what style you like - hobo is more relaxed and free form while the city is more structured. keep us posted on your decision :cool:
  7. hey ya! i would say HOBO too... it frees up your hands just in case you need to chase your sons!!! hehehe!
  8. I would say: get both :biggrin: !! But I agree also with only a Hobo .... it's a perfect size for "all" needed things IMO :yes:
  9. Definitely the hobo, or mayyyybe a work?
  10. hobbit, i have a toddler too. i carry all the stuff you listed... my stuff as well as hers (clothes, diapers, food, toys and books). god forbid she needs something and i didn't bring it... she will go into a wild tantrum. :blink: i don't do diaper bags because i just don't like the way they look. i use the work style whenever she's with me. i love it.:love: it fits everything we need without looking too stuffed and losing its shape. honestly, the city and day style is even way too small for me when i have to carry all this stuff. i only use my other styles (city, twiggy, shrug, etc...) when she isn't with me. i think the work is a great size even after "baby days". the only thing is that it has no shoulder straps, but for me the handle fit comfortably on my shoulder. maybe you could wait for the part-time style. the size is between the city and the work, but it has shoulder strap. i'm definitely considering the part-time as my toddler bag.
  11. I agree, you definitely need something to put on your shoulder. I have 2 hobos that I carry on a regular basis as a "mommy bag". LOVE them! I know the City has the shoulder strap but IMO, the Hobo still works better on the shoulder.
  12. I'm getting a shopping tote to use for all my stuff (2 kids need waaaay too much). It seems to go over the should easily too. I currently have a city but i seem to overfill it. I am also considering the hobo but think I'll be "digging" to get to my stuff.
  13. eette, helenNZ, firstclass1, mlertpac - I think I will definitely get a hobo first. I don't have anything like this style, and even if I don't end up using it as a diaper bag, I think I could still carry it on "casual days".

    esile, acegirl, Cal - I knew you fellow mommys would have some great advice!! I defintely have to check out the Work and the Shopping tote. I'm going to Edmonton and Calgary next month, and I think the Holt Renfrew there carry Balenciagas. I hope they will have these styles for me to see IRL.

    Thank you everyone for your help. Once again, you come through with great suggestions that I would never have considered.
  14. i'd say check out the work style - i think the city would be too small for all your stuff, and it might be hard to keep it organized in the hobo because of the shape.
  15. I would recommend the hobo. I don't have one, but have heard that they hold A LOT, and with all of the stuff you need to carry with you on a daily basis, the city might get a little bulky.