Need help IDing Angelina's white bag?

  1. anyone know who makes this bag? I thought it was a Hogan but nope.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Judging by the handle (it looks like it's adjustable) it looks like an Yves Saint looks like it has the same adjusting system.
  3. thanks for help but its not YSL
  4. Nope, I am pretty sure it is the Celine Bittersweet Large hobo in white.

    Just ordered one in pearl, and now I am thinking I need to send it back for the white!
  5. The Celine has 2 knots next to the rings that attach the handles to the bag, Angie's doesn't....
  6. That is an older version. Go to under 'Bittersweet" (after you click english) is the bag under the 'essential detail' tab on the left. Then scroll like two bags in and you will see the large in white.

    I was think it retails of around $1,200. I spoke to Bal Harbour Celine yesterday and they didn't have this bag, but they had a 'pearl'. I don't know what color that is, but they are sending it to me :p
  7. I suppose that pearl is something between ivory and white, maybe a bit of shine....
  8. I hope so :p . Although Angie's white is beautiful!! Of course she has it before the stores do :rolleyes: .
  9. Thanks, you are right. All the details correspond. :drinkup:
  10. So glad I could help!!
  11. Are those Lv inclusion bracelets she has on?

  12. maybe she got the bag in namibia...
  13. It looks gorgeous! Please post photos of the pearl when it comes in...sounds heavenly!
  14. Will do! I am hoping it is today :p