Need Help: Identifying Name of this Chanel Bag

  1. This is a little old, from the Chanel Fall 2006 collection and I am really in love with this bag spied on the runway. Does anyone know the official name for this bag? The only thing I could come up with was a 'unstructured, oversized, hand-held tote.'

    If anyone knows, please help! Thanks in advance ^^
    chanel fall bag.jpg
  2. Probably can get better response in the Chanel forum
  3. The mods may move this to Chanel...but the bag is the Coco Cabas, I believe. Someone please correct me if I am wrong...I am no Chanel expert. :smile:
  4. Def. a type of coco cabas. It comes in different sizes and materials
  5. Large Satin Cabas is my guess.
  6. it's original coco cabas in purple satin.

  7. Thank you so much everyone for your help!!! I really appreciate it ^^ Now I can go to Chanel and ask for it confidently . Does anyone know what other colors it comes in?

    If this was meant for Chanel forum, sorry I posted here.
  8. yep.. Purple Satin Coco Cabas
  9. Satin coco caba
  10. Satin Coco Cabas