Need Help-Hudson or Elise?

  1. Hello,
    I have decided to take the plunge and buy a MJ I have been coveting forever but now the big decision....the Hudson or the Elise. I can't decide! I want something that will stay classic but sophisticated and chic for many seasons. Any thoughts?
  2. Personally, I would choose the Elise. I think it is a much more versitile bag. What color are you considering?
  3. I like the Elise over the Hudson too.
  4. I am considering either the chesnut hudson w/ the black stripes or the Elise in black patent.
    So you are for the Elise huh? Do you find that you are able to get everything into it? I am the type of person that carries everything in my bag--and I do mean everything. I like big bags.
  5. Unfortunately, the quilted black patent Elise is sold out everywhere including the MJ Boutiques. Is there another color you are considering?
  6. Oh, I didn't realize that, I just liked the look for the more "dressy" look. I will have to do my research to see what is available that catches my eye. Thanks!
  7. I'd say go with the Elise also... maybe you'd like the plain black Elise? Or another color of the quilted Elise?
  8. I have the chestnut hudson (so I'm partial) but I think it is a really beautiful versatile bag.
  9. Hudson and Elise are quite different, they both look dressy. As far as style, it's matter of personal preference; Hudson is roomier than Elise. In terms of material, Hudson (especially the fully leather lined version from MJ boutiques) is definitely more luxurious than Elise. Hudson's leather is fabulous from inside to outside, it just looks/feels much nicer than Elise's quilted grained leather and canvas lining.

    If you are looking for a bag in black, Hudson looks sharper. I personally find the black quilted (non-patent) Elise a bit dull and flat, I like it White Chiffon more.

    You can see pictures of Spring 07's Hudsons (available in 7 colors at MJ boutiques) in this thread:
  10. Ooh, you've got a tough decision to make. I love both bags. The Hudson you have the option to carry it on your shoulder. I agree with bag.lover that the Hudson leather is more luxurious than the Elise's. The only thing I don't like about the Hudson is that it is so heavy! Carrying the Hudson on my shoulder causes discomfort after 15 minutes, and carrying it on the arm is a workout! I hope this helps you in your decision, but I don't think you can go wrong either way.
  11. i like the elise over the hudson.

    Elises work really well with bright colors too!! actually they work well in all colors =P
  12. I have both and I love them equally! I have the black patent Ursula Elise and it's a great light bag for shopping around. I wouldn't recommend it as an everyday bag though. It's a bit dressy and there's not much space. Hudson is great because of the organizational capability. The compartments are great and I love that it's lined in leather. Also, you can carry the Hudson on your shoulder and it's very chic. I get lots of looks with both bags.
  13. A friend of mine sent me this pic of a MJ Hudson knowing that I am obsessed wth them right now. I tried to find this bag at reputable sights but couldn't find this color. Did MJ even make this color b/c I can't find it. I want to warn her if it could be a fake.
  14. They both are very yummy! If you're the kinda gal who likes to throw everything in your bag, then get a Hudson. It's definitely bigger than Elise and I love the smell of leather linings :drool: . I have a quilted patent Elise in blush and it's gorgeous but honestly, it gets heavy easily!!
  15. I am sure you will love either bag.They are both beautiful.