NEED HELP! How to choose which latext bed to buy?

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  1. Hi,
    I am shopping for a latex bed, but am having the hardest time figuring out which one to get... I know for sure I want a latex (instead of a coil spring, Tempurpedic, etc.), but have no clue which one to get.

    At first I thought I'd go with a Miralux... the salesman hyped it up so much, I thought it would be nirvana (plus I liked it when I laid on it). But after researching all over the Internet for some very limited reviews, Miralux sounds like a disaster - lots of complaints for permanent indentations, back pain, poor quality, etc.

    Does anyone have any helpful guidelines they can share with me? I'm now looking at the Sealy, Simmons or Serta latex beds, but have no idea how they match up to one another. And given that I'm planning to spend over $1,500 (plus I have a lot of back pain and allergies), I really want to get something that I'll love for a long time.

    Also, are there any online reviews for this stuff? I even tried consumer reports, but that was not at all helpful. :shrugs:

    Please help if you have any input - even if you have a bed that you love and can share your reviews, that would be great. Honestly, I'm so confused and desperate for any clarity on this, so am hoping my fellow TPFers can help me out.

  2. Bumping this... would really like to know, so please weigh in!
  3. Tough question, since mattresses are a very personal item.
    My brother raves about his Tempurpedic, but I found them to be too squishy. I got the Sonno from Design within Reach and I like it.

    The only general advice I can pass on is that, supposedly, latex mattresses retain body heat, so you might want to get one that has a wicking cover. Mine has a Coolmax cover attached to it and I don't think it gets too hot.

    Hope that helps.