Need help from UK girls:)

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  1. Hello, has anyone been to the Birmingham store? because I haven't but should be in November to get my Mono Neverful, I was just wondering if anyone knows how likely it will be in stock? I know its a classic bag so im sure it would be, but just in case should i ring up and check or does anyone have idea. Thankyou:smile:
  2. I've not been to Birmingham store myself, but I met a guy who worked there in the Kusama store in London. He said it wasn't a huge store, but I would have thought they would have a Neverfull. Might be best to check anyway..
  3. I have only walked passed it when on the way to gig so had no time to go in and it did look pretty small, the bag should be there but I probable will ring and check just in case as it is a train journey away from me and its the main reason to go to Birmingham so I don't want to be dissapointed. Thankyou:smile:
  4. what you could do is the day or two before your leaving call the 1-866 # and have them check stock and reserve it for you... i think they might only hold something for 48hrs so do it as close to the date your leaving as possible!! but... i bet they will have one!!! ;)
  5. Yeah I might do that thankyou:smile: haha I know but I have crappy luck:P
  6. Isn't the 1-866 # for USA? Do we have an equivalent over here that will reserve also?
  7. The store locator on the uk website usually has a number I think
  8. I've been into the Brum store today, very nice and friendly. I've bought the Neverfull mono in medium and they appeared to be very well stocked. Even though its a smaller store, we do get a lot of Chinese/Asian tourists and they sure love their LV. There was a lovely group in there today and they looked like they were having great fun trying out the bags. Very friendly store.