Need help from all of you fashionista's

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  1. Tomorrow is my B-Day, my brother offered to get me a new pair of sunnies.
    I will be 38 and I want a great classic Pair. I have the Black Dior Glossy's now.
    And a Brown pair of Dior Aviator style. Two vintage pairs of Ray-Ban's.
    Tell me what I am lacking???

    Oh Yes! my sister let it slip my husband ordered a Chanel re-issue for me in black and my family is getting me a honey colored mink scarf.
  2. How about a pair of Louboutins??? :graucho:
  3. i love sunglasses! i have one D&G, Dior and Bulgari (and i'm about to get a pair of Tom Fords) but i somehow always fall back to Chanel. i have three pairs of Chanel sunglasses. they fit very well and they're timeless :yes:
  4. I recommend Tom Ford Jennifer. I just love mine! They are like the Whitney style but smaller and I feel they are more classic.