Need help for my next bag!

  1. Hello!!
    ok..this is my problem! i wanna buy another LV bag and, after seen the beautiful speedy Mini Lin, i was sure that i'd have bought her..BUT!
    i have only hand held bags:shame: maybe it would be better if i buy a shoulder one (i.e. the Popincourt Haut)
    I like also the Manhattan Gm, but how does she fit on shoulder?
    The Popincourt is so cutie..but i like also the newbie mini lin...ARGH!
    so, WHAT WOULD YOU DO???:confused1:
  2. I love the look of the mini lin speedy but I heard that it might not be as durable as mono and damier, with the pilling and all... Tha Manhattan is gorgeous too, but I prefer the PM...

    Sorry, not much of a help here... :P
  3. i suggest either manhattan PM (the GM is too bulky i think) or PH would be great as well..

    hope that helps :heart:
  4. I love the Manhattan GM. It fit on my shoulder fine in the store, but I don't know how it would feel after carrying it all day. I will eventually get one anyway because it is so beautiful to me.
  5. I called the store this morning,,
    the speedy lin costs 480 euros, the popincourt 585 euros..manhattan 1270 euros..

    so..i think i'm going there on sunday to see the PH in real life...
    my BF told me "take both":graucho: LOL...
    i keep you updated:wlae:
  6. i don't like the mini lin line... the manhattan gm fits on the shoulder but like kathyD said, i don't know how you will feel carrying it on your shoulder all the time. i like both manhattan gm and pm! popincourt haut is very nice too!
  7. the Popincourt Haut is a good shoulder bag, and very comfortable for everyday use. it would be difficult lugging the Manhattan GM around all day because it's a little heavy.
  8. Sandra, i saw yours in the Visual Aids and..WOW! she's breathtaking, love the style! so classy:love:
  9. thanks :love:! good luck making your decision :flowers:!

  10. Ditto :yes: dangling LV balls are adorable..

    Or you can get Hudson PM, it has 2 pockets like Manhattan GM (smaller pockets)
  11. I've got the Manhattan GM and it does get a little heavy carrying it on the shoulder all day.

    I vote for Batignolles Horizontal!!
  12. Batignolles Vertical :love:
    Otherwise Pop Haut.
  13. I like Batignolles but i dislike the fact she doesn't have zipper closure:sad:

    uhm...i think i'll keep in regard the Hudson:yes:


  14. ------------------------------

    These two bags would be awesome for everyday use! good luck with decision and let us know the outcome!