Need Help for Miu Miu Coffer Bag...Pleaseee

  1. Hi all,

    I asked my friend to buy me the Miu Miu Coffer in Ivory and I haven't seen it IRL. My friend just called and told me that she was not sure as it's really white (it might not be ivory). I'm going to see it myself tomorrow...

    However, i just want to know how many shade of white Miu Miu has. I'm not talking abt Patent which is the stark white IMO.

    Moreover, this item was on sale, so it has a very tiny pen mark (as my told me so). Then, i'd like to know whether i can apply leather cleaner on it. Please please please suggest....:confused1:

  2. as far as I know there is only on shade for ivory(no clean white)
    well the coffer leather is so delicate and since you are going to buy the light color you should definetly read the thread about cleaning miu miu nappa leather and try the product first somehere that doesn't seem from outsite of the bag
  3. Justified is right. The only Nappa Coffer is in ivory (or cream). The pure white one is the Patent leather. I would strongly suggest that you seriously think twice about getting the lighter colored Coffers (especially the cream color) because they are very delicate and the leather will pick up color or darken on the area that rubs against you (usually the back of the ruched area). The braided handles will also darken up the more you hold them. I personally love the Coffers and think that they develop more character with the leather changes, but not when color transfer gets on them. I use my black coffer as an everyday bag and can't say enough about it! I don't baby it whatsoever and you can't see a mark on it. I LLLOOOVVVVEEE IT! Anyway, just want you to be aware of these things because, even on sale, the coffer is rather pricey. ;)