need help for 21st b-day present!

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  1. hi ladies! so my best friend's 21st birthday is in a couple weeks, and i wanted to get her something personalized and memorable that she could keep forever. so i thought why not a piece of personalized jewelry? i was looking for a bracelet and found this one at but i'm not sure if the nameplate thing is classy or just looks cheap. i know these were made infamous on sex and the city, plus i don't know how the quality it because i can't see it before ordering. does anyone have any ideas? or other websites that offer personalized jewelry? i'm kind of on a budget, so prices can't be too outrageous, but something classy that she could keep forever would be perfect. i know tiffanys is always a good choice, but she already has a few pieces from there and i wanted to do something different. TIA for any suggestions!
  2. hmm I was going to say a Tiffany sterling piece that you could engrave would be great...I am just a little older then you and I think that would be a very special gift that she would have forever because of the qaulity and it's always classic..Maybe a piece she doesn't have, a sterling ring or bracelet would tend to be less expensive then a necklace. I personally don't think nameplate necklaces are true classics but more trendy imo...I the Tiffany Website has lots of sterling pieces that could be engraved in around your price range, probably a bit more then teh necklace you posted though, after they are engraved...
  3. i say go with something different! it's the thought that counts but i say that if she is a tiffany's girl, you should get her something from tiffs <--- can't ever go wrong! but i think that the tag bracelet is very cute and personalized too. sex and the city did make it infamous didn't they. i think the name tag is much more personalized than the tiffs unless it's just a plain tag charm and you get something engraved on there. good luck deciding. you're such a sweet friend to go looking for advice :smile:
  4. I wouldnt nessacrily vote for something Tiffany. While I was wearning SS Tiffany jewelry at that age, it wasn't soon after that I got into other things. I think if you do go with a Tiffany piece, go with something more timeless than the tag pieces, which most girls grow out of. Maybe the bean necklace? Or starfish?

    I thought this was cute, a birthstone necklace:

    QVC also has a lot of cute pieces, at reasonable prices. Keep us updated :smile:
  5. I checked out the birthstone necklace on bluenile, if she likes a silver/white metal and you are on a budget that would be great. Special and I think timeless. Look at what she wears now (silver/gold/designer?) If you think she likes Tiffany,that would be great as well. David Yurman makes an id bracelet that you could have engraved. I'm old and I would like one! Anyway, whatever you choose you are a sweet friend.
  6. I like the idea of birthstone jewelry. Some people grow out of sterling but a nice necklace w/ a birthstone, in a classic prong setting or an updated bezel would be something that is not outgrown. QVC has a lot of great prices on gemstones and their stuff is usually nice. You could check too. They sometimes have good prices on nice jewelry.
  7. ladies, thank you for all your suggestions! i just realized that my friend doesn't have pearl studs anymore, she lost one side and never found it. since pearls are a classic piece every girl should have, i'm now thinking of getting her a pair because i think it would be a perfect 21st bday present! i don't know that much about pearls and or jewelry in general, so could anyone suggest some decent brands that makes some classic pearl studs (i want the cream colored ones) at an affordable price? any help is appreciated! thank you!;)