Need help finding a pair similar to these shoe (pumps)...

Jan 2, 2008
Hi girls,
I was browsing some websites for shoes and came across these:

They are from (I've never tried their shoes, and I'm sure you get what you pay for), but I'm LOVING this style, but I looked at the heel height, and they are a tad too high for me... I can't do 5", but I will do probably 4-4 1/2" at most... I can do 5" when they are wedges! LOL :P

So my question is, can one of you lovely ladies help me find a pair of shoes that are very similar to this style (yes similar color as well), I would like to spend no more than $50. TIA!! :biggrin:


Bargain Hunter!
Aug 25, 2008
scary how similar they are to a pair of louboutins I was stalking a few months ago...