Need help finding a balenciaga ink!

  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone help me find an ink bag? I'm interested in the city, part-time (not sure if they had this) or the twiggy... please help!
  2. hi matatichi -

    a day or two ago there was still an ink twiggy on ...

    good luck!
  3. if price is important to you, i think holding out and waiting on eBay is probably the best decision...i've seen several come and go for around $1200. there's a huge markup on diabro with the twiggies, at least IMO.
  4. keep checking eBay...they pop up from time to time. You might also call around to NM and Barneys...they may still have 1 or 2.

    BTW, Ink was produced before the Part-time style was introduced. No worries, I think Ink looks fab in either the City or Twiggy!

    Good luck!
  5. There's an ink twiggy at diabro that's priced below retail right now.
  6. i just got an ink city (brand new!) on eBay for 1175 + shipping... i really think eBay will be your best bet.
  7. I know you didn't say purse but Cult Status has an ink purse on sale. If I didn't have an ink city, I would snap that baby up in a heartbeat.
  8. There is an INK WORK at Neiman Marcus in Troy, MI. It's really nice!! :tup:
  9. There are quite a few ink bags on ebay right now!
  10. Please remember ladies, there is no discussion of ebay permitted in the Bal forum for right now. So please refrain from asking, or discussing, ebay listings. You may discuss/post if you have seen this particular bag in a store or etailer, but that is all that is permitted. Thank you!
  11. So sorry jag! Thanks for the clarification!